Paradise Food Court at NTR Gardens is an Absolute Hit with the Diners

Established in 1953 as a small cafe that served tea and snacks, Paradise Restaurant has undergone an amazing transformation into one of the most popular, well known, and famous restaurant chains in Hyderabad. Synonymous with the words ‘India’s best Hyderbadi Biryani’ and ‘good food,’ Paradise Restaurant has carved a niche for itself in this intensively competitive and highly dynamic industry where only the taste of food and value for money that an establishment offers matters.

Having started out at its famous location in Secunderabad for which it received accolades as the largest sit-down restaurant in the country, Paradise Restaurant successfully replicated the same experience for all their die-hard fans in their other branches located at Masab Tank (A takeaway at Masab Tank Cross Roads) and Hi tech City (In the Food Plaza inside Shilpakalavedika compound) with the Food Court at NTR Gardens being the latest addition.

With its strategic location near Prasad’s IMAX, Paradise Food Court at NTR Gardens is enjoying unprecedented success within the first month of its opening.

Just like its counterpart in Secunderabad, Paradise Food Court at NTR Gardens serves an array of lip smacking Hyderabadi, Indian, and Chinese continental delicacies. The best part about this location is that diners flock to it throughout the day; office goers and the multiplex crowd grab a bite at the newest venue during the day while friends and family enjoy a leisurely dinner while relaxing in its luxuriant yet cosy and friendly ambience. With Paradise Food Court at NTR Gardens, Hyderabad had added another must-visit place where tourists across the globe can indulge their taste buds.


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