Joy of eating out with families and friends

Man is a social animal and while he has come a long way towards being a social networking animal now, it has only highlighted his need to be ‘connected’ virtually if not otherwise. With the passage of time everything has gone virtual – from photographs to chatting, but there are some things technology can never substitute.

A hug, tears, face-to-face conversations – where are the software and what are the codes to replace emotions with algorithms that can make living in isolation a happier experience?

Food is the most primitive form of comfort and while all of us would like to be left alone with that big plate of biryani or the bowl of Gulab jamun, the truth is that the real joy emerges when you have someone to share it with. One of the great joys of togetherness comes from eating together.

When was the last time your family sat down and enjoyed a meal together? With music lessons, cricket practice, play rehearsal, and work schedules, it can be tough. Did you know people who eat with their family hold better memory are likely to live longer?

Apart from the benefits of eating together with family and friends, the amount of fun enclosed in those meal- hours is abundant.

Conversations during the meal help in bonding and connecting with each other. After a long hard day, it feels really nice to have somebody to open up to, whether it is about the promotion you got in your office today, the vendor charging you 10 rupees extra on the vegetables, the movie you recently saw, or an argument that you had with your neighbor, laugh and vent it out with your dear-ones and you would realize life indeed is very wonderful. Either with family or friends, the joy of sitting together for a meal, is incomparable.

Getting out of the usual routing and having a meal out with friends and family is a guaranteed funda of bringing you happiness. Why? You don’t have to cook, you can split the bill, you can enjoy an amazing meal, and the top most you can have a fun-filled time with loads of laughter all around you.