Good Food! Great Service!

Food and even a distant glimpse of anything appetizing can stir any being on this planet.  Great stories begin around the table with delicious food over it. Most of the conversations at home start and end over food. In fact, food is the most common conversation starter at parties, wedding, and functions where you see people telling how delicious a dish was and what one must and must not try. It keeps us all connected.

Ask any Indian what he lives for and out comes the answer with a hearty laugh “Good Food ji”. And anyway, we all know what a man works for, but a good meal at the end of the day

Food has the power to brighten up the saddest and the gloomiest of the days. The adrenaline rush felt when the food you like flirts with your taste buds is out of the world.

The aroma of food is more powerful than gravitational force. It magically pulls u towards it instantly.

With great power comes responsibility, well so does with great food. Half the taste of the food lies in how it is served. The art of great service is often forgotten about, but just as much as an extraordinary plate of food, excellent service can turn any meal into a world-beating experience.

Good food and great service is a perfect package of a blissful meal, and when in Paradise that is exactly what you get. Hyderabad is known for its tehzeeb and warmth and also for its rich and royal nawabi food platter. Knock the door of Paradise on any day and the whiff of good food will entice your senses.  The warmth of people around serving you automatically doubles the joy of having a good meal.

We have heard that if there is a place like heaven on earth, the place is Kashmir. Well, for Hyderabad, if there is a place like heaven, the place is Paradise.


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