Gift Vouchers – A good idea!

Gift vouchers are definitely one of the easiest gifts you can give, but are they a good one?

Let us figure that out!

So if you are one of those people who sit up pondering “What does my boss want on his birthday this time? I don’t know! Extra over-work time maybe”. Instead of reading tea leaves or forcing a list out of him under duress, do the really thoughtful thing: get him a gift voucher.

Got your sister an iPod Touch? That is something totally unique to her interests? You plumbed the depths of her soul to figure out she wanted it more than anything else in the world? Nah, it is just a popular gizmo! It is safe. Gift vouchers are also safe, sure, but they are brimming with possibility, and the guarantee that she would end up with something she would totally love.

You could argue that a gift voucher may get impersonal, that it is lazy. But, a gift voucher is the most personal present. It is the gift that says “we know each other so well that I would not want to throw my choice of gift on you and I let you have what you want to have or am sure you would love to have”, and there is a certain beauty in that.

And it is not like you are handing over cold hard cash, which also is not wrong either, but admittedly could seem crass in certain situations.

So, whether you are saying “thank you,” “congratulations” or “sorry I burned down your house”, gift vouchers would work for all occasions, and what could get better than dinner out at their favorite restaurant. Lip smacking biryani is surely to please everyone and it is a highly irresistible offer to say no to. Paradise brings to you Paradise gift vouchers that are available in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000

Also, these gift vouchers are super easy last-minute gifts. So you don’t have to churn your brains much. This is one trump card that is sure to work on everyone. 


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