Paradise Bakery – Rich Taste. Richer moments

When Paradise opened its doors in 1953 as a café selling tea and snacks, no one expected that we would become so popular, quite unexpectedly more for the sumptuous Hyderabadi Biryani we serve than snacks and tea.

Many people who visited our Bakery on the ground floor of Paradise Food Court at Secunderabad though know that our Bakery menu is as impressive as our Biryani menu.

The Bakery is a favorite haunt for many people who want grab a quick Puff or Samosa or carry home a wonderful variety of baked foods and confectioneries that include everything from a crunchy, traditional khara biscuit to a Black Forest pastry. You can also take home for children a great variety of biscuits like butter cookies, fruit, almond and cashew biscuits etc.

Puffs, samosas, breads and many varieties of tasty biscuits receive from us the same commitment to taste and quality that you associate with our Biryani. Do you have a birthday or an anniversary coming up? Make your celebrations sweeter with our great selection of Special cakes and mouth-watering pastries.

If you want to drink something, we would serve you hot – and cold too. For those who prefer to have their Tea with biscuits and those who want to wash down a tasty T biscuit with a fruit juice, our Bakery has something for everyone. Many people swear by the great taste of our lassis and shahi faloodas. The place is perfect to dip into easy conversations – and your favorite juices.

Our service is lightning fast. Walk into our Bakery today at Secunderabad or Kukatpally to experience the best in baked foods, pastries and drinks. To find out what makes Paradise special, let’s start with Tea and snacks – because that how we started.


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