Make your celebrations memorable

What’s a celebration without great food? For almost all cultures, food is at the centre of celebrations. This practice achieved its full expression in the royal court of Nizam where every meal became a celebration; a feast of abundant joy that life has to offer. To this day, we at Paradise continue this tradition.For more than half a century, Paradise has been “the address” for all celebrations large and small. The hallowed interiors of our restaurants have been witness to all manner of celebrations: a businessman celebrating a profitable deal, a young engineer gushing about his new job, a manager happy on his promotion, an affectionate parent seeing his child grow an year older, a young couple in high spirits on their anniversary, a reunion of grown-ups reminiscing about school days, and a family quietly relieved that their soldier son has come back safe from the war. We can go on and on.

From little triumphs to life-changing successes, Paradise Food Courts make your celebrations truly special. Everyday, our restaurants brim with the exhilarating energy of people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and get-togethers over great food and interesting conversations. Happy times indeed!

For your next celebrations, sit down to great food and greater joy at one of our Food Courts at Secunderabad, Hitec City, NTR Gardens or Kukatpally where you can set the perfect ambiance for your party. We know the essential ingredients of not only the finest cuisine, but also memorable celebrations and we use them to create happy times for you. It’s not for nothing that we call ourselves Paradise.


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