Samosa & Chai: The Ultimate Combo

In our quest for the best, we always discard the “or” in favour of “and”. When we buy a shirt, we think about the trousers it goes well with. We top off our favourite chocolate latte with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We round off a perfect meal with a paan. We prefer matching our shoes and dresses. We are not content with enjoying the best in isolated things; we love combining the best in many.

From a very long time, Hyderabadis have been enjoying a combination that has become a part of their culture: chai and samosa. Many of them believe that, to satisfy their hunger between meals, nothing beats a samosa washed down with a hot cup of rejuvenating Irani chai.

Let’s say that you want to meet with a friend and it is not quite time for a lunch or dinner. The best thing to do is to walk into the Paradise cafe or Bakery at Secunderabad to have samosa and chai, which is what many of our customers have been doing for the last 60 years. Nothing complements the taste of a scrumptious samosa better than a flavor some Irani chai. No wonder so many call them the ultimate combo.

Before we became known for the best Biryani we make, we were extremely popular for our chai and samosas. Today, they remain just as popular as our Biryani. Try this combo for yourself and chances are that you would have more reasons to visit us – again and again.


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