Where relationships flourish

“There is no sincerer love than the love for food”, wrote George Bernard Shaw, the acclaimed playwright. Likewise, it can be said that there are no sincerer lovers of food than Hyderabadis. We love food. It’s part of our culture, part of who we are. With a breathtaking variety of diverse cuisine on offer, Hyderabad is every gourmand’s dream come true.

Life is full of moments that matter. In our pursuit of dreams everyday, we are continuously trying to be better than somebody or sometimes better than ourselves. At the dinner table though, a man is himself – truly and completely. Great food puts to rest a man’s apprehensions and animosities. It is at the table with friends and family that he is at his best. No wonder that many valuable relationships develop over food.

At Paradise, we understand this and do our best to provide good food, great service and happy times for the people of this city. Everyday, we see our guests laughing heartily, enjoying great food and celebrating their successes and important occasions. Trust us, there is no happier sight than that. We feel proud that so many emotional bonds form over our food.

A little bit of history is made everyday inside our restaurants. We provide the right environment for meaningful relationships to develop. Walk in to our restaurants at Secunderabad, Hitec City, NTR Gardens and Kukatpally – and not just for good food. We promise you that you will walk out with memorable experiences that you will cherish for a long time.


Tuned in to your feedback on social media

For over six decades, we satisfied the evolving needs of our customers. How did we do this? As simple as it may sound, the answer is listening. Not listening for the sake of it, but listening keenly to learn and unlearn, change and adapt.

In the 1960s, Hyderabad was a different place. Personal computers, cell phones and social media were the stuff of science fiction and only birds “tweeted”. In those days, most feedback came to us at the tables and the counter.

Today, thanks to technology, we listen more and we listen better. We have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Zomato where we get a lot of comments from our customers about their experiences. We also blog regularly about things that are of interest to them.

We listen with openness and interest to feedback that comes through many social media channels. No comment, review or tweet is ignored. In fact, they set the agenda for our regular meetings where we draw up plans to implement your suggestions. Finally after changing ourselves yet again, we tell our customers about it on social media – with a tweet or a post.

So speak your mind. We are listening and more importantly we are working on your suggestions. That is how we will remain worthy our name and your love. Tweet and comment as you like, this time for good food, great service and happy times!

Happy times come to your home

paradise foodys

Over the last few years, Hyderabad has grown at an unprecedented scale. Of course, growth comes with its own inconveniences. There’s more traffic on the roads and it is difficult for people to travel long to have great food.

With Restaurants and Takeaways at Secunderabad, NTR Gardens, Hitec City, Masab Tank(only Takeaway) and Kukatpally, we now serve great food to more Hyderabadis than ever. We have embarked on an aggressive expansion strategy to open new Restaurants and Takeaways at many new locations to be closer to the people of twin cities who love our excellent food and service.

But, is that enough? What if you do not want to step out of your house at all but still like to enjoy having the famous Paradise khaana? You must have guessed it already. Yes, starting today, we will deliver happy times to your homes. Now, rain or shine, whenever you want to have authentic Hyderabadi khaana,please call Foodys @ Paradise and have it delivered to your door – as simple as that. If you are a working professional, don’t worry we deliver to your office as well.Paradise has exclusively mandated well-known Food Delivery Company – Foodys to deliver delicious asli Paradise khaana to your homes and offices. You can call Foodys@Paradise on 040 60008989.
This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Paradise experience.You can expect the same signature taste and freshness that made our name. In the first phase, we are beginning home and office delivery service at our Hitec City, Kukatpally and Masab Tank outlets. We are set to roll it out in more locations in a couple of months. We will keep you posted on our plans here in this blog and also on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The time for Haleem is here and now!

Paradise haleem

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. Muslims observe a day-long fast which begins at the break of dawn and ends at sunset with the Iftar meal – usually a tasty bowl of Haleem to begin with. For devout Muslims, this month is a time for spiritual reflection, brotherly communion and  devotion to Allah .

This month is also remembered for the scrumptious Haleem served in the evenings at many eateries. At sunset, people of all religions and from all walks of life enjoy this dish with friends and family with awe-inspiring camaraderie. Haleem is also good for your overall well- being.
For many years now, Paradise has been serving the best Hyderabadi Haleemin town. We won the Haleem Contest 2012 organised by The Times of India. Millions of Hyderabadis love our delicious Haleem for its rich aroma, high-quality meat and its authentic blend of the finest spices and condiments topped off with fried onions, cashew and pure ghee.

Close to a year has passed since we last felt the sublime sensation of a spoonful of Haleem melting in our mouths. Let’s end the wait now. StartingJuly 11, 2013, we will serve you the most delicious Haleem you have ever tasted at our Restaurants / Takeaways in Secunderabad, NTR Gardens, Masab Tank, Hitec City and Kukatpally from 4.30 PM to 11 PM. The time for Haleem is here and now. Don’t miss.