Tuned in to your feedback on social media

For over six decades, we satisfied the evolving needs of our customers. How did we do this? As simple as it may sound, the answer is listening. Not listening for the sake of it, but listening keenly to learn and unlearn, change and adapt.

In the 1960s, Hyderabad was a different place. Personal computers, cell phones and social media were the stuff of science fiction and only birds “tweeted”. In those days, most feedback came to us at the tables and the counter.

Today, thanks to technology, we listen more and we listen better. We have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Zomato where we get a lot of comments from our customers about their experiences. We also blog regularly about things that are of interest to them.

We listen with openness and interest to feedback that comes through many social media channels. No comment, review or tweet is ignored. In fact, they set the agenda for our regular meetings where we draw up plans to implement your suggestions. Finally after changing ourselves yet again, we tell our customers about it on social media – with a tweet or a post.

So speak your mind. We are listening and more importantly we are working on your suggestions. That is how we will remain worthy our name and your love. Tweet and comment as you like, this time for good food, great service and happy times!


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