A favourite with foreigners

Foreign tourists to Hyderabad are charmed by its enchanting mixture of the old and the new. While historic sites like the Golconda Fort and the Chowmahalla Palace speak to the bygone grandeur of the Nizam Empire, modern landmarks like Hitec City and the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport stand as monuments to modern-day technological prowess.

The fascinating coexistence of the quaint Charminar and the dazzling HICC represent the unity of tradition and change. They are testaments to how well the city embraced change. Similarly, with our food, service and restaurants in multiple formats, Paradise Food Courts embody the same inclusive spirit. There is room for everything and everyone. It is this commitment that made us a must-visit place for foreigners seeking the quintessential Hyderabadi experience. A trip to Hyderabad isn’t complete without dining at Paradise Food Courts.

As you would expect, the recommendations come from everyone: cab drivers, business colleagues, magazines, blogs, travel guides, friends and old visitors etc. The number of foreigners dining at Paradise is increasingly steadily day-by-day. Even though most of them stay in expensive 5-star hotels, they would give a pasta or sandwich meal a pass in favour of the authentic Hyderabadi food we serve.

It is quite humbling to know that the exotic aroma of our kitchens is luring people from many continents. We owe this success to the wonderful city of which we are a part and its welcoming people. A colourful city that is home to many traditions, each adding a different hue.


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