Restaurant in Focus – NTR Gardens

Paradise restaurant NTR gardensHussain Sagar has long been Hyderabad’s most popular tourist destination. You may find many visitors who have not visited the Golconda Fort or Charminar, but none who has not seen and charmed by the beauty of the lake. The area surrounding the lake has many tourist destinations that attract visitors all through the year.

Prasads and NTR Gardens, in particular, are very popular with tourists and Hyderabadis alike. However, after a stroll through NTR Gardens or a movie at Prasads, one had to go elsewhere to have good food, let alone authentic Hyderabadi khaana earlier.

All this changed with the luxurious Paradise Restaurant at NTR Gardens. Situated right next to Prasads, the restaurant features spacious and dazzling interiors.  Every inch of space inside the restaurant is carefully designed, with a nod to modern decors, to provide our guests a wonderful experience.

Ever since it opened its doors last year this Restaurant has got people raving about its ambience, service and food. Being in such an important tourist locality, it became the go-to place for people hanging around the area with friends and families.

Paradise restaurantWe all know that a hang out in Hyderabad is not complete without asli Hyderabadi khaana and the Paradise Restaurant at NTR Gardens is the place to go to cap a pleasurable jaunt with great food. Perfect for a gathering of friends and families, this Restaurant has facilities like valet parking and full security for the convenience of guests.

The next time you are out for a movie at Prasads or a picnic by the lakeside, visit the Paradise restaurant at NTR Gardens and experience the grandeur of the place.

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