A place in your hearts and on the web

paradise websiteTechnology has fundamentally altered our lives. It has made things easy and convenient. In the last 3 decades, advances in technology – mainly the advent of personal computers, Internet and smart phones – have transformed whole industries.

Each time the engine of technological change revved, we at Paradise hitched our wagons to it. We have always pioneered the use of technology to serve our customers well. When PDAs arrived, we were amongst the first in the Food & Hospitality business to use them for ordering. This has improved ordering and billing accuracy by eliminating any errors.

Hyderabad is famous for its techies. From the city’s premier restaurant, they expect not just great food and service, but also how well we put to use the technology that they so ingeniously develop. In that respect, we can say without reservations that we do well.

We have an informative website (http://www.paradisefoodcourt.com) which is frequently updated. You can read all updates related to Paradise including news coverage in the media, special offers, contests, new openings, restaurant addresses and pretty much all the action that happens at our restaurants.

What’s more? Developed using responsive web design, you can access it on your computer, tablet or any smart phone. It is optimised automatically for displays of all sizes. So no matter what gadget you have, you can browse the site to check in on what’s happening. You can browse recent photos and read about our special offers.

You can also stay posted on all happenings at our restaurants via Facebook, Twitter, or our official blog, which leisurely meditates on a variety of themes related to good food, great service and happy times – and the place where it all happens. So no matter what gadget you have and what channel you prefer, we are on air.


The buzz begins at 3 AM

Ask any of our loyal guests when we are open and they will say 11 AM to 11 PM every day. Pose the same question to our kitchen staff and they will tell you 3 AM to midnight – every single day. Of course, both are right. Although we are open to our guests from 11 AM, our chefs and kitchen staff begin their day at 3 AM to bring you the best cuisine.

Thousands of guests walk in to our restaurants and takeaways every day to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi khaana. They see elegant interiors and ambience, but they don’t see all that it takes to put the best food on their plate. The buzz begins in our kitchens at 3 AM when most of you are sleeping, so that when you wake up, you can assuredly walk in to have great food.

Managing the logistics required to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests can be very daunting indeed. There is not a single day we are closed all through the year. So keeping our stocks full with nothing but the best ingredients required careful planning and execution. We have strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we get the very best long-grained basmati rice, finest spices and the freshest meat always.

We know how much you love our food and draw our energy from this knowledge to delight you every single time you walk into our restaurants and takeaways. Good food, great service and happy times – these are our promises and we will always honour them.

Takeaway in Focus – Masab Tank

Paradise take away hyderabadWhen it comes to service, what people expect from Paradise restaurants and Takeaways could not be any further apart. Those who come to our restaurants expect an elaborate dine-in experience with amiable hospitality. They want to have their meal at ease chatting about things big and small.
From our Takeaways, they prefer swift service and as little wait time as possible. They want to have their food packed and parceled as soon as they make up their mind on what to take home. Of course, the one thing that they would like to remain the same is the taste, quality and freshness of the food.
At Paradise, we understand this and with our Takeaways, we have a clear goal: deliver fresh, wholesome and tasty food as fast as we can and with no fuss. The Paradise Takeaway at Masab Tank stands as a prime example of our service excellence. People take away thousands of parcels every day from this popular Takeaway. Many marvel at the speed with which we take them from “wish to dish” in a few minutes.
This place is particularly popular with tourists to the city who would like to take authentic Hyderabadi cuisine to their loved ones from the city’s premier restaurant. On their way to the RGIA to board a flight that takes them home, many people stop by to take parcels of our delightful food. The Takeaway is filled everyday with people from the nearby areas including Banjara Hills, Khairtabad and Mehdipatnam.
Take away in masabtankQuality does not stop at food. We use the finest-quality packaging materials specially designed to ensure the food remains fresh for a long time. All this is to make sure you enjoy the same taste that you do at our dine-in restaurants. Our Masab Tank Takeaway is one of the best take-outs you will ever find anywhere. Don’t just take our word for it. Try it the next time you want to take home asli Hyderabad khaana. We are sure you will love it.

Restaurant in Focus – Secunderabad

Paradise secunderabadIt all began here. The inspiring Paradise saga began in a small cafe in a place that was not called Paradise yet. In 1953, we began as an annex to the Paradise cinema hall. Very soon, the cafe became very popular for the special Irani chai, biscuits and samosas it served.
A few years passed and the Paradise cinema hall closed, but Paradise cafe went on to craft a wonderful success story. We became known for serving the best Biryani in town. In the words of Ali Hemmati, Chairman of the Paradise Foodcourts, “like how the Hyderabadi Biryani is cooked in many layers, our success and reputation grew level by level” until people started calling the whole neighbourhood as Paradise.
From the beginning, the focus was on creating an ambience that is suited to intimate gathering of friends and families – in line with the outgoing spirit of Hyderabadis. Now with dine-in restaurants in multiple formats like Persis Silver, Persis Gold and Persis Platinum, our guests can have a hearty meal in a place of their choice.
Owing to its historical legacy, people see this place as our flagship restaurant. In fact, many people prefer to skip a nearby Paradise restaurant to dine at our Secunderabad Foodcourt – for old times’ sake, they say. A seat at a great college, a dream job, their first marriage anniversary, they had so many celebrations here and would not miss a chance to take a trip down the memory lane.
Many celebrities and luminaries visit this restaurant and are avowed fans of our food. Today, thanks to the love of our esteemed guests, we have become a permanent fixture on the city’s culture. The Paradise cafe Paradise restaurant secunderabadon the Ground Floor is still popular with many who enjoy ultimate combos like Chai and Samosa or Chai and Khara Biscuits.
Also located on the Ground Floor, the Paradise Bakery is a popular haunt for people planning to have a quick breakfast snack or two. With various pastries, baked foods, puffs, shahi faloodas, lassis and fruit juices, the place has something for everyone. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Paradise Food Court at Secunderabad is the best place to experience the exotic taste and affable spirit of Hyderabad.

Restaurant in Focus – Kukatpally

Paradise kphb

Hyderabad has been overshooting its original boundaries for a long time now. Especially from the mid-nineties, the city has been growing by leaps and bounds. The frontiers are being widened every year with new suburbs coming up in areas far from the old centers of the city.

Kukatpally is one of the bustling residential areas of Hyderabad. With its proximity to Hitec City, it has emerged as the preferred area to settle down for the IT folks and other people. The place has many eateries serving delightful Andhra cuisine but very few restaurants specializing in authentic Hyderabadi khaana.

People from Kukatpally and surrounding areas had to take a long drive to our Hitec City or Secunderabad restaurants to enjoy mouthwatering Hyderabadi Biryani. They don’t have to endure this ordeal anymore. With our plush new Kukatpally restaurant located on the Ground floor of the South India Shopping Mall, they can now spend less time on the road and more on the table with friends and family.

Being a stone’s throw away from the area’s prime shopping malls and cinema halls, the place is packed on weekends with people tucking into the delicious Hyderabadi Biryani after a long shopping trip or a movie. With excellent ambience and service, the restaurant is a great place to spend happy times enjoying the famous Paradise meal. There is also the famous Paradise Bakery on the ground floor where you can take home many varieties of fresh pastries, breads and cookies.
restaurant kukatpally
We honestly believe that great food must not be too far away for anyone. We have resolved to increase our presence across the city and come near you – wherever you are. This is our way of thanking our guests for their love and goodwill. See you at our Kukatpally restaurant.

Paradise Restaurants aired on ZeeTV’s Khana Khazana programme

“If you visit Hyderabad and not try the famous Hyderabadi cuisine at Paradise, you’ll regret it deeply”. This special feature on Paradise Restaurants aired on ZeeTV’s Khana Khazana programme proves how essential we have become to Hyderabad’s tourism experience. Don’t miss it!