The buzz begins at 3 AM

Ask any of our loyal guests when we are open and they will say 11 AM to 11 PM every day. Pose the same question to our kitchen staff and they will tell you 3 AM to midnight – every single day. Of course, both are right. Although we are open to our guests from 11 AM, our chefs and kitchen staff begin their day at 3 AM to bring you the best cuisine.

Thousands of guests walk in to our restaurants and takeaways every day to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi khaana. They see elegant interiors and ambience, but they don’t see all that it takes to put the best food on their plate. The buzz begins in our kitchens at 3 AM when most of you are sleeping, so that when you wake up, you can assuredly walk in to have great food.

Managing the logistics required to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests can be very daunting indeed. There is not a single day we are closed all through the year. So keeping our stocks full with nothing but the best ingredients required careful planning and execution. We have strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we get the very best long-grained basmati rice, finest spices and the freshest meat always.

We know how much you love our food and draw our energy from this knowledge to delight you every single time you walk into our restaurants and takeaways. Good food, great service and happy times – these are our promises and we will always honour them.


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