A place in your hearts and on the web

paradise websiteTechnology has fundamentally altered our lives. It has made things easy and convenient. In the last 3 decades, advances in technology – mainly the advent of personal computers, Internet and smart phones – have transformed whole industries.

Each time the engine of technological change revved, we at Paradise hitched our wagons to it. We have always pioneered the use of technology to serve our customers well. When PDAs arrived, we were amongst the first in the Food & Hospitality business to use them for ordering. This has improved ordering and billing accuracy by eliminating any errors.

Hyderabad is famous for its techies. From the city’s premier restaurant, they expect not just great food and service, but also how well we put to use the technology that they so ingeniously develop. In that respect, we can say without reservations that we do well.

We have an informative website (http://www.paradisefoodcourt.com) which is frequently updated. You can read all updates related to Paradise including news coverage in the media, special offers, contests, new openings, restaurant addresses and pretty much all the action that happens at our restaurants.

What’s more? Developed using responsive web design, you can access it on your computer, tablet or any smart phone. It is optimised automatically for displays of all sizes. So no matter what gadget you have, you can browse the site to check in on what’s happening. You can browse recent photos and read about our special offers.

You can also stay posted on all happenings at our restaurants via Facebook, Twitter, or our official blog, which leisurely meditates on a variety of themes related to good food, great service and happy times – and the place where it all happens. So no matter what gadget you have and what channel you prefer, we are on air.


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