Delighting every guest

From a small café in 1953 to a popular restaurant brand that’s respected across the nation, we have come a long way. In a city where to celebrate or relax means having great food, we began with a promise and kept our word.

Our brand promise is simple yet aspirational: good food, great service and happy times. It is simple because we have the passion and skill to make good on our promise, aspirational because we have to do it every single day and at all our restaurants consistently.

That’s our only mission – provide delicious and hygienic food with gracious service in a tranquil and refreshing environment. We aspire to do it with every guest we serve. In fact, we have been doing it for over six decades now. If every brand has a story to tell, this is ours.

Today, things are very different from what they have been in the past. We are now present at 5 locations across the city and have plans to aggressively grow that number. To offer the signature Paradise food and service experience to every single guest at all these locations is a great challenge – one that we are very excited to embrace.

This itself is a towering goal. For now, we want to give our best to succeed in this endeavor. We need your encouragement and support to succeed. Like always, we count on your love as much as we count on our abilities and commitment.


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