Hassle-free ordering and lightning-fast service

Take outs are becoming popular across India and rightly so. After a long shopping trip or a hard day’s work, people are keener on getting home rather than stopping by at a restaurant. Sometimes you do not want to miss a cricket match or a TV show. Other times, you have friends coming over and you want to impress them with great food and hospitality.

At Paradise, we understood these preferences long back when we started our first takeaway in the nineties. As expected, the concept was a smash hit with people. Thanks to our takeaways, we serve more customers today than we would have ever managed with just our dine-in restaurants. With a hassle-free ordering process and lightning fast service, we are the gold standard for takeaways in the Food and Hospitality business.

Right from the beginning, we paid great attention to not only how we cook our food, but also how we present, serve and package it. We use the finest food-grade packing materials to keep our food fresh, hot and delicious for a long time. Not only that, we make sure the serving sizes of both the main dish and accompanying side dishes are generous.

We are amongst the first to come up with attractive combos to cater to the needs of our guests who want to have a little bit of many things. With appetizing starters and a combination of mouth-watering Biryanis, combos are perfect for that special party or a family meal.

We keep innovating to bring the best of our cuisine in best possible ways to our guests as their tastes evolve. Come try a combo of your choice this festive season and know why we are Hyderabad’s numero uno takeaway destination. See you at our takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, NTR Gardens, Masab Tank or Kukatpally.


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