Festivals come alive

November is here with announcements of approaching happiness. Christmas, New Year, Sankranti and Holi – the next few months promise special moments with friends and family for many of us.

The monsoons kept us home and in a few months the summer most certainly will do same. Now is the time to go out and have a wonderful time. All across Hyderabad, a happy and festive mood fills the air inviting us to kick back and rejuvenate ourselves.

A party that you put off for a long time or a special dinner that you have been waiting for, there’s no better time than now to plan it. Festivals bring us the opportunity to celebrate the real pleasures of life with people who matter the most to us. And there’s no better way to celebrate than having asli Hyderabadi khana at Paradise.

Festivals come alive over our tables. Young Hyderabadis currently staying away and here for a vacation come to Paradise with their friends for great food – and for old times sake. Families with visiting relatives arrive cheerily to provide their guests an experience that becomes a high note of their trip. For millions of happy Hyderabadis, festivals are just another excuse to enjoy delicious cuisine.

We at Paradise share a profound connection with festivals. Guests bring their celebrations to Paradise in the belief that we make them joyous and memorable. Their faith and love inspires us to work harder and exceed their expectations with great cuisine and service. In the end, we are so much the better for it and grateful that dining at Paradise has become a respectable festival tradition today.

This festive season, we invite you to make your celebrations merrier with good food, great service and happy times. Our restaurants at Secunderabad, Hitec City, NTR Gardens and Kukatpally are open 11 AM to 11 PM. You can also take home the delicious Paradise food from any of our Takeaways incl at Masab Tank.A warm welcome to you all!


Pay it forward

In one of its recent episodes, Zee TV’s Khana Khazana aired a special feature on Paradise restaurants. Praising the restaurant’s rich heritage in providing delicious food for over 6 decades, it echoed what is now general consensus: “If you visit Hyderabad and not try the famous Hyderabadi cuisine at Paradise, you’ll regret it deeply”.

We serve great food to our guests and they pay the favour forward by recommending us to their friends. Thanks to this word-of-mouth, dining at Paradise is on the to do lists of almost all visitors. It is even higher on the lists of people looking for the “real Hyderabadi tourist experience”. From young students to admired celebrities, everyone looks forward to a tryst with the city’s leading restaurant brand.

If you have a business partner, colleague, family member or friend coming to Hyderabad, you can do no greater favour than introducing them to asli Hyderabadi khana at Paradise. Our mouth-watering menu of kababs, Biryanis and desserts will make their trip more memorable than anything else.

Infact, you can have them enjoy a “full Paradise experience”. We have heard stories of food-lovers having a Kheema–Roti breakfast with Irani chai at our Secunderabad restaurant, a Biryani lunch at our NTR Gardens foodcourt with kababs and Qubani-ka-Meeta, and a quiet Paratha dinner with special Mutton curries and Pot Kulfi at our Hitec City restaurant. All in a single day.

Give people the gift of wonderful food that they will remember for a long time. Be a trusted guide to your guests and walk in to Paradise Foodcourts at Secunderabad, NTR Gardens, Hitec City or Kukatpally. Pass on the good food and happy times.

Of cafés and conversations

Paradise cafe secunderabadHyderabad has one thing in common with one of the most admired tourist cities in the world – Paris. Both cities have a legendary café culture that captivates visitors. Agreed, you won’t get fresh baguettes and crème brûlée in Hyderabadi cafés, but neither do the Parisian ones serve lip-smacking samosa and Irani chai. In both cities, however, they serve the same purpose – keep conversations going.

Cafés have always been a popular fixture on Hyderabad’s cultural scene. The pulse of the city throbs in these places with people discussing anything and everything. Many actions either begin here or in all probability are replayed in these places with contagious mirth and candour. Conversations range from movies and sports to places and politics.

Paradise Café on the ground floor of our Secunderabad food court captures the quintessential Hyderabadi café experience. Open from 5 AM every day, the café serves famous Irani chai,Lukmi and a wide assortment of local baked foods including the popular Osmania and Khara biscuits.You will see hordes of people waiting outside our doors at 5 am eager to get their hands on a cup of Irani chai and Lukmi.

There’s also a special breakfast we serve that our most frequent guests swear by. From 6.30 AM to 10 AM, we serve delicious Mutton Kheema (minced meat curry) and Roti for people who want to start their day with asli Hyderabadi khaana. All day through, the café buzzes with the excitement of crowds having a great time sipping chai with biscuits or samosa – two of the city’s most popular combos.

Drop by our café at Secunderabad to go back in time and experience the eternal charm of Hyderabad. See you there!