Help us serve you better

At Paradise, we believe two things are behind our success. The first is our commitment to serve the best cuisine. We have perfected the art of making authentic Hyderabadi cuisine through years of research into the culinary technique and its careful refinement.

The second is listening to our guests keenly to improve our offerings and service. Without the kind feedback and support of our guests, we do not know how we would have become one of the most admired restaurant brands from our modest beginnings in 1953.

Today, some of our most important feedback comes via social media. If you want us to add a dish to our menu or improve something, there is no better place than our official Facebook or Twitter page to share your ideas. Every comment and tweet helps us serve you better.

We encourage you to join our active Facebook community and follow us on Twitter. If you have already done so, get your friends to join and continue the conversation on these pages. This blog will continue to break all the exciting stories and updates on the happenings at your favourite Restaurant / Takeaway.


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