Unwind and refresh with good food and great service

The cheerfully gracious service that our guests experience at Paradise has a rich legacy. We began our journey in a different Hyderabad, in a different milieu where serving great food has more to do with passion and less with business. Hyderabad has always been a hospitable city and we took our inspiration from its welcoming spirit.

Our café used to teem, like our Restaurants still do, with the warm bustle of people having great food – and more importantly having a great time. That’s the sight our founders cherished above anything else. They always wanted guests to come back, which they did almost everyday.

Before long, a relationship developed between our guests and them. Their single-minded focus on making sure the guests left the Restaurant happier than when they arrived made Paradise instantly popular. After 6 decades, this is the primary yardstick with which we continue to measure our efforts – customer delight.

We want our guests to relax with good food and great service. Whatever time that they spend at our tables, we want them to have a wonderful time that refreshes them. This is our promise and we give our best to keep it every time you visit our Restaurants.

Sit down for a memorable meal at our Restaurants in Secunderabad, NTR Gardens, Hitec City Kukatpally and Begumpet. You deserve it.


An outing that’s twice as fun

PrasadsIMAXFood and entertainment (read movies) are the greatest passions of most Hyderabadis. When people of this city think about movies, the impressive edifice of Prasads often springs to mind, just like Paradise does when one craves asli Hyderabadi khaana. Both places are the pride of the city.

Could there ever be a better arrangement than having both these places besides each other? We doubt it. With the splendid Paradise Restaurant at NTR Gardens right next to Prasads, a visit to either place is twice as fun and offers Hyderabadis the perfect opportunity to indulge in  their two enduring passions.

paradise beside imaxThe grand and opulent interiors of the Restaurant have been getting special praise from our guests and so is the service. The spacious dining area ensures no one has to wait long for a table while Valet parking takes care of parking hassles. Needless to say, the food is delicious as ever.

Watch a movie, stroll along the lakeside, take a boat ride, or relax in the park. Do what pleases you either after or before a hearty meal at the Paradise Restaurant, NTR Gardens. Or pick up a Biryani from our Takeaway.Can it get any better than this? Visit our Restaurant and tell us what you think.

Team lunches at Paradise, by default

Restaurants in hitec cityTechies are a busy lot. If they are not working hard inside glitzy buildings, they will most certainly be unwinding with friends enjoying good food and conversations. Since weekends are usually spent with families and close friends, they choose Fridays for team lunches.

With a week’s hard work behind them and the weekend a few hours away, it sets them in the most perfect of moods. The best part is that all colleagues are equal at the table. The hierarchy dissolves. For a change, a senior manager could be receiving culinary advice from a rookie.

All this action can be seen and experienced at our Hitec City Restaurant every Friday. Some bring their foreign clients along to introduce them to authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. The hours between 12 PM and 4 PM on Fridays are the busiest at this location.

Are you planning a team lunch? Walk into our Hitec City Restaurant and experience the very best in food and service. Serving large groups requires a careful balance between watchfulness and discretion. At Paradise Food Courts, we master this art. So, wait no more, come have a memorable experience – a team-sized one at that.

Years dissolve at the table

A love for good food is innate in all of us. No one needs to teach us how to love food. It comes naturally and overtime we develop a taste that is as unique as ourselves. Yet, there are foods that everyone loves, like Hyderabadi Biryani for instance.

The fact that Paradise is a family restaurant becomes clearer when you realize that we have seen over three generation of families visiting our Restaurants. We have seen proud grandfathers who have been frequent visitors of our café come down for a family lunch with their children and grandchildren in tow.

There is no better endorsement for the heavenly and timeless taste of our Biryani than a full family with members across three generations enjoying a hearty meal. It does not matter if you are 10 or 90, none of us can resist the pull of a wonderfully cooked Biryani.

Many restaurants have their target groups clearly defined. An upscale Italian restaurant is for the rich while a bistro tries to woo young customers. They attract the groups they identify with targeted offers and offerings. At Paradise, our target group is large; it comprises all of us.