Years dissolve at the table

A love for good food is innate in all of us. No one needs to teach us how to love food. It comes naturally and overtime we develop a taste that is as unique as ourselves. Yet, there are foods that everyone loves, like Hyderabadi Biryani for instance.

The fact that Paradise is a family restaurant becomes clearer when you realize that we have seen over three generation of families visiting our Restaurants. We have seen proud grandfathers who have been frequent visitors of our café come down for a family lunch with their children and grandchildren in tow.

There is no better endorsement for the heavenly and timeless taste of our Biryani than a full family with members across three generations enjoying a hearty meal. It does not matter if you are 10 or 90, none of us can resist the pull of a wonderfully cooked Biryani.

Many restaurants have their target groups clearly defined. An upscale Italian restaurant is for the rich while a bistro tries to woo young customers. They attract the groups they identify with targeted offers and offerings. At Paradise, our target group is large; it comprises all of us.


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