Team lunches at Paradise, by default

Restaurants in hitec cityTechies are a busy lot. If they are not working hard inside glitzy buildings, they will most certainly be unwinding with friends enjoying good food and conversations. Since weekends are usually spent with families and close friends, they choose Fridays for team lunches.

With a week’s hard work behind them and the weekend a few hours away, it sets them in the most perfect of moods. The best part is that all colleagues are equal at the table. The hierarchy dissolves. For a change, a senior manager could be receiving culinary advice from a rookie.

All this action can be seen and experienced at our Hitec City Restaurant every Friday. Some bring their foreign clients along to introduce them to authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. The hours between 12 PM and 4 PM on Fridays are the busiest at this location.

Are you planning a team lunch? Walk into our Hitec City Restaurant and experience the very best in food and service. Serving large groups requires a careful balance between watchfulness and discretion. At Paradise Food Courts, we master this art. So, wait no more, come have a memorable experience – a team-sized one at that.


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