Unwind and refresh with good food and great service

The cheerfully gracious service that our guests experience at Paradise has a rich legacy. We began our journey in a different Hyderabad, in a different milieu where serving great food has more to do with passion and less with business. Hyderabad has always been a hospitable city and we took our inspiration from its welcoming spirit.

Our café used to teem, like our Restaurants still do, with the warm bustle of people having great food – and more importantly having a great time. That’s the sight our founders cherished above anything else. They always wanted guests to come back, which they did almost everyday.

Before long, a relationship developed between our guests and them. Their single-minded focus on making sure the guests left the Restaurant happier than when they arrived made Paradise instantly popular. After 6 decades, this is the primary yardstick with which we continue to measure our efforts – customer delight.

We want our guests to relax with good food and great service. Whatever time that they spend at our tables, we want them to have a wonderful time that refreshes them. This is our promise and we give our best to keep it every time you visit our Restaurants.

Sit down for a memorable meal at our Restaurants in Secunderabad, NTR Gardens, Hitec City Kukatpally and Begumpet. You deserve it.


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