What’s in a line?

paradise begumpetPeople passing by Begumpet would have noticed the sign that adorns our Restaurant / Takeaway: “World’s Favourite Biryani”. This line is as much a call to arms as it is an announcement. Its message is directed not just to our guests but also to our own people.

Everyday our kitchen staff begin work at 3 AM to make the food we place before you with love. When you do something everyday, it’s hard to bring your best to work always. Given how crucial passion is, the above statement is our way of exhorting them to put their best dish forward.

For us as Management, with so many cares to worry about everyday, it is easy to lose focus of our most important goal: offering the best cuisine in an environment that is safe, family-friendly and welcoming. This statement serves to remind us daily that we need to offer nothing but the best.
Finally, it is your love and kind-hearted encouragement that made our name. “World’s Favourite Biryani” is not a mere tagline; it is our way of thanking our myriad guests from all walks of life who are the reason we are successful. Thank you all!

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