Savour the excitement

IPL 7 is here with its promise of exciting encounters. The general elections are on too and endless hours of television programming are dedicated to political analysis. Everywhere results matter and we want to catch all the action – a perfect excuse for many of us to remain glued to the screens. Enjoy all the matches and debates that provide food for thought with “real food” – authentic Hyderabadi cuisine made with love at Paradise. On the way back from work or on a lazy weekend, order and take your favourite food home from our Takeaways.

Good food has the remarkable ability to accentuate everyday experiences and make them memorable. While you cheer your favourite candidate or team charge ahead, savour mouth-watering Paradise cuisine with friends and family to maximise happiness. By the way, did we mention that Sun Risers Hyderabad team dropped by our Secunderabad Restaurant last summer to experience our delicious cuisine? There are more excuses than ever to have your favourite cuisine. Walk into our Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank, NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet.
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Quench your thirst

Paradise mango lassi

Feeling hungry and thirsty at the same time? Go guzzle down something tasty and filling. As we enter the hottest month of the year, let’s explore options that keep us cool during long spells of heat and dryness. It is important to keep our selves regularly hydrated to prevent fatigue and sunstroke.

If mango is the fruit of the season, then our Mango Lassi is arguably the flavour of the season. Blending the sweetness of the best mangoes with the tangy thrill of fresh Lassi, this drink available at special Paradise Lassi counters may well replace all your usual summer drinks.

Not only this, we also have several new additions to our menu of summer drinks including the Mushy Mango Milkshake and the irresistible diced mango with ice cream. You can also try our Faloodas, Mocktails and fresh fruit juices to let off some heat after a long, sweltering day.

This summer, please visit our special Lassi counters to explore our new selection of summer drinks and quench your thirst.

Fresh, Tasty, Clean and Natural

Paradise restaruant all

Many love Paradise for putting Hyderabadi Biryani on the map. For years now, we have been delighting guests from across the world. We have to do a lot of things right to make the “World’s Favourite Biryani”, but in this blog we would like to talk about the four most important qualities.

Fresh: Freshness is the first thing you feel when you taste the first mouthful of our Biryani. We always use farm fresh vegetables and tender meat sourced from a trusted network of suppliers. Our supplier evaluation is one of the toughest in the Food & Hospitality industry.

Taste: Of course, sublime taste is what made our Biryani popular. Several exotic condiments of the finest quality are blended together with love to produce the hallmark aroma and taste that you love our Biryani for.

Clean: Whoever said that cleanliness is next only to godliness said it right. Food should be as clean and hygienic as it is tasty. We stringently and continuously monitor our food hygiene standards to ensure that our food is good in the complete sense of the word.

Natural: Our food is not only delicious, but also pure. We use natural spices only in preparing our cuisine. Artificial flavors or taste enhancers do not have a place in our recipe books. We show our respect to tradition by using only natural ingredients.

So, in a nutshell, the “World’s Favourite Biryani” is fresh, tasty, clean and natural. It is made with passion every day at Paradise – from 1953. Come have a plateful at our Restaurants / Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, NTR Gardens, Masab Tank, Kukatpally and Begumpet.

Listening to improve

Listening to advice from guests has a long tradition at Paradise. Over the years, we have evolved from taking guest feedback directly at the table to staying posted to your suggestions on social media. In fact, feedback from guests is an invaluable ingredient that makes our cuisine timeless.

It is almost a tacit contract. We provide you the most delicious Hyderabadi khana and you feed us back with your ideas and suggestions for improvement. It is only by listening to you that we have been able to continuously refine our culinary technique and improve our cuisine.

Now with so many people from across India among our guests, we expect better and more diverse feedback to help us take the Paradise dining experience to the next level. We request you to provide us your feedback on how to make your visits more memorable. We have only one guideline: be brief and constructive.

Ambience, service and cuisine, whatever it is that you want us to improve, please keep your suggestions pouring in to our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. You can also write your comments on this blog or send them to

If you want to do it the good old handwritten way, please share it via the feedback form available at all our Restaurants. We are listening!

Quality above all

At Paradise, we run a tight ship and spend very little on anything that does not directly improve the dining experience of our guests. For example, we spend generously on quality ingredients, world-class chefs, good interiors, friendly service and technology. All these have a direct effect on guest delight.

This helps us focus on what is more important for us: serving the best Hyderabadi cuisine in a family-friendly ambiance with gracious service. The reason we say this is because a major portion of sales goes into the great taste and food quality of our cuisine that you love so much. As we always say, we do not cut corners.

Our prices are going to increase marginally this summer. We are taking this step after careful consideration. Continued inflation in the cost of food ingredients, real-estate and worker wages requires us to take this action.

In doing so, we guarantee you that the high-quality that you have come to expect of Paradise We hope you will kindly understand. See you soon at our Restaurants/Takeaways across the city.