Listening to improve

Listening to advice from guests has a long tradition at Paradise. Over the years, we have evolved from taking guest feedback directly at the table to staying posted to your suggestions on social media. In fact, feedback from guests is an invaluable ingredient that makes our cuisine timeless.

It is almost a tacit contract. We provide you the most delicious Hyderabadi khana and you feed us back with your ideas and suggestions for improvement. It is only by listening to you that we have been able to continuously refine our culinary technique and improve our cuisine.

Now with so many people from across India among our guests, we expect better and more diverse feedback to help us take the Paradise dining experience to the next level. We request you to provide us your feedback on how to make your visits more memorable. We have only one guideline: be brief and constructive.

Ambience, service and cuisine, whatever it is that you want us to improve, please keep your suggestions pouring in to our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. You can also write your comments on this blog or send them to

If you want to do it the good old handwritten way, please share it via the feedback form available at all our Restaurants. We are listening!


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