Haleem is here again

Paradise haleem

As we wait for the holy Ramadan season, it is hard not to think about Haleem. This delicious stew made of meat and wheat is the treat of the town during the Ramadan month. Muslims break the day-long fast with fruits and Haleem in the evenings.

Originally an Arabic dish, Hyderabadi Haleem has benefited from the addition of several indigenous spices. The unique flavour of the dish made it special and widely popular, like the Hyderabadi Biryani. It has also received Geographical Indication (GI) status.

It is also a dish that takes long to prepare. For the better part of day, chefs stir the mixture while cooking on low flame. Paradise Haleem is known for its high-quality ingredients and hygiene. We know that the more attentive and refined the cooking, the smoother and tastier the stew.

A “Best Haleem in Town” award winner, our Haleem has a rich texture that’s a delight to your senses. Garnished with pure ghee, fried onion, and premium cashew nut, our Haleem will become your favourite. Enjoy it at our Restaurants/Takeaways starting this month end.


We heard you

Dear guests, we have been hearing your feedback – both online and offline. Based on our analysis, two messages have come out loud and clear. Firstly, our guests expect consistency in cuisine and service quality. Second, we understand that you prefer the service to be more attentive.

We have already set a high standard for the quality of our food. It is important that we meet and exceed your expectations whenever you sit down at our Restaurant for a hearty meal. Consistency, across visits and locations, is a key priority and we are actively working on it.

A few of our guests have felt that there is room for improvement in service quality. Making you feel comfortable, getting your order right, and being more polite and accommodative. We have drawn up a plan to train our staff specifically on these focus areas.

As we always say, we are committed to continuously improving our quality to serve you better. In this endeavor, we would greatly benefit from your feedback. Keep sharing your valuable feedback either at our Restaurants/Takeaways or online on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks for your time.

Moments that matter

For us at Paradise Food Court, one of the most inspiring findings is to know that there are families who have been visiting us for over three generations. They have seen us grow from a modest café to the popular multi-format restaurant that we have become today.

On occasion, they all come over to celebrate some event. We have witnessed so many instances of an affectionate grandfather telling his grandchildren how the Restaurant was like when he was young. The parents too rejoice in their own memories.

The young and the old, the rich and the rest, local folks and tourists have all sat down in our Restaurants to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi cuisine and have a great time. It is remarkable to know that our Restaurants have provided a venue for so many memorable experiences.

Take a trip down memory lane and also make your own special memories at our Restaurants and Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet. We promise you good food, great service and happy times.

Raise a toast to rains

The city has been hit by a heat wave and the temperature has soared in the last few days. Very soon though, summer gives way to monsoons that drench the city and show it at its best. Never mind the traffic problems, monsoons in Hyderabad are most often pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable. The city with its charming lakes and heritage structures comes alive.

It is not just scenery though, there is also good food and drink to enjoy. Imagine yourself whiling away a drizzle sipping hot Irani chai with tasty Samosas to go with it. On a rainy evening, can there be something more satisfying than a Biryani with its fresh meat and vegetables cooked to perfection? There are also Kebabs that you can bite as you see off a night storm.

Rains regenerate the spirit. The season increases your appetite for food and the finer pleasures of life. Hyderabad with its culinary marvels offers a delightful feast to food lovers. When the city receives its first showers, most likely next week, go out with friends and family to witness its beauty first-hand and experiment with diverse cuisine.

The coming weeks promise good weather and we at Paradise promise you great food. Come to Paradise and enjoy award-winning Hyderabadi food at our Restaurants/Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet.