Raise a toast to rains

The city has been hit by a heat wave and the temperature has soared in the last few days. Very soon though, summer gives way to monsoons that drench the city and show it at its best. Never mind the traffic problems, monsoons in Hyderabad are most often pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable. The city with its charming lakes and heritage structures comes alive.

It is not just scenery though, there is also good food and drink to enjoy. Imagine yourself whiling away a drizzle sipping hot Irani chai with tasty Samosas to go with it. On a rainy evening, can there be something more satisfying than a Biryani with its fresh meat and vegetables cooked to perfection? There are also Kebabs that you can bite as you see off a night storm.

Rains regenerate the spirit. The season increases your appetite for food and the finer pleasures of life. Hyderabad with its culinary marvels offers a delightful feast to food lovers. When the city receives its first showers, most likely next week, go out with friends and family to witness its beauty first-hand and experiment with diverse cuisine.

The coming weeks promise good weather and we at Paradise promise you great food. Come to Paradise and enjoy award-winning Hyderabadi food at our Restaurants/Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet.


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