Haleem is here again

Paradise haleem

As we wait for the holy Ramadan season, it is hard not to think about Haleem. This delicious stew made of meat and wheat is the treat of the town during the Ramadan month. Muslims break the day-long fast with fruits and Haleem in the evenings.

Originally an Arabic dish, Hyderabadi Haleem has benefited from the addition of several indigenous spices. The unique flavour of the dish made it special and widely popular, like the Hyderabadi Biryani. It has also received Geographical Indication (GI) status.

It is also a dish that takes long to prepare. For the better part of day, chefs stir the mixture while cooking on low flame. Paradise Haleem is known for its high-quality ingredients and hygiene. We know that the more attentive and refined the cooking, the smoother and tastier the stew.

A “Best Haleem in Town” award winner, our Haleem has a rich texture that’s a delight to your senses. Garnished with pure ghee, fried onion, and premium cashew nut, our Haleem will become your favourite. Enjoy it at our Restaurants/Takeaways starting this month end.


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