Sachin visits Paradise


Some commentators have observed that cricket is a religion in India and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the game’s hallowed God. Sachin is in fact a legend. Not only is he one of the greatest cricketers ever to grace the game, he is also a true gentleman on and off the field whose sportsmanship has won him admirers around the world.

It has indeed been a great privilege to welcome the Bharat Ratna awardee to our Secunderabad Restaurant last Saturday. Sachin spent quality time with Mr. Ali Hemmati, Dr. Kazim Himathi and other core members of the Management Team. He shared several of his life’s experiences with the invitees.


With his personal charm, Sachin enthralled those who were present. Reminiscing about the many times he enjoyed Paradise Biryani in the past, he remembered how Pragyan Ojha used to bring the Biryani to his hotel room. Sachin also took specially packed Biryani and Kebabs to his family and friends in Mumbai.

The Management Team expresses sincere gratitude to the great man for visiting the Paradise Food Court at Secunderabad. We thoroughly enjoyed having him over and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


A grand meal

One of the things that our guests notice is the generous portions of our cuisine, particularly our Biryani. They are indeed large and that is how a typical Hyderabadi expects it to be. Long before expansive buffets were introduced in the city, our guests knew what it means to have a hearty meal.

The cuisine of the Nawabs has always been a gourmand’s delight for both its delightful spread and sumptuousness. Take Hyderabadi Biryani for instance, it is admired both for its rich taste and also for its filling size. The quantity, in addition to the quality, makes you feel satisfied, both during and after your meal.

For a typical Hyderabadi, enjoying good food is a central part of socializing. When they go out for lunch, they go in large numbers – with friends or family. It is with them in mind that we keep our serving sizes large. This allows our guests to order a diverse spread and share it with the satisfaction that there will always be enough to go around.

For your next big food outing, enjoy the finest selection of Hyderabadi cusine at our Restaurants/Takeaways at at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet. We promise your good food, great service and happy times.

Play a perfect host

Celebrations in Hyderabad will now have a new address. We are launching banqueting services at select locations shortly. Though, over six decades our Restaurants have been playing host to many parties, guests never had access to a private space to organize events.

With special sections for banquets, we are now offering guests an opportunity to host parties with better control on the seating arrangement and décor. Our professionals will work with you to help you organize events ranging from kitty parties to birthday celebrations and get-togethers to business lunches.

You can treat your guests to award-winning Hyderabadi cuisine in an intimate environment. We will not serve alcohol to ensure that the family ambience is preserved. Well-trained hospitality professionals will be at your service to make you and your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

In the first phase, we are launching this service at our Secunderabad, Begumpet, Kukatpally and NTR Gardens Restaurants. The next time you want to throw a party, make it special at our banquets with delightful cuisine and service. We promise to make your event a splendid success.

Greener on the other side

It is true that Hyderbadi cuisine is an irresistible feast for non-vegetarians. That is not to say that vegetarians will be given short shrift. At Paradise, we have always been in the lead when it comes to putting new varieties on our vegetarian menu that rival non-vegetarian dishes.

Let the non-vegetarians boast of their Mutton Biryani and Chicken Tikka Kebab, vegetarians can enjoy the tantalising flavour of Vegetarian Biryani and Veg. Sheek Kebab. Our guests can also help themselves to an extensive selection of vegetarian starters and curries.

Chefs, taking inspiration from both Nizam and local cuisine, expertly cook our vegetarian cuisine to give it a distinct flavour that livens you up. We take hygiene seriously. To prevent cross-contamination, our vegetarian dishes are cooked in a separate section of the kitchen and strictly in separate vessels.

Try our unique and delicious vegetarian fare cooked in authentic Hyderbadi tradition at our Restaurants and Takeaways. Open 11.30 AM to 11 PM at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank (Takeaway only), NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet.