Quality is our promise

Hyderabadi cuisine and the Biryani in particular is a royal affair. The rice is slender, the meat tender, the spices exotic, and the cooking technique as refined as can be. Those who make the best Hyderabadi Biryani know that there’s really no alternative to putting the best stuff in.

Any food that sets such high criterion must be costly. Thanks heavens that it is not! For centuries now, Hyderabadi Biryani has been a true people’s favourite. Owing to its popularity, it has been both accessible and affordable to all sections of the society.

Escalating costs in the last few years, however, have been putting severe pressure on prices. At Paradise, we know this better than anyone. Take mutton for instance, it has gone from Rs. 300/kg to Rs. 375/kg in a matter of just six months. High-quality basmati rice and pure ghee that we use now cost dearer.

Some may negotiate this rise in prices by cutting down on ingredient quality, but the result will never quite be the real Biryani, only its shadow. Paradise has always been opposed to watering down quality and we will remain committed to using the finest ingredients.

Stay assured that the mouth-watering aroma, exquisite taste and rich texture of our Biryani is a promise we will always keep – the promise of the world’s favourite biryani.


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