There’s always enough

Take any dish on our menu; they come with the guarantee of great taste and impeccable hygiene. There is also another aspect that strikes one before even having a mouthful of these items, and that is the serving size. Our regular guests and first-time visitors agree that our servings are indeed generous.

This is for good reason. We have always wanted Paradise to be a true family restaurant that attracts large groups. When friends and families come to Paradise, they expect an authentic and elaborate Hyderabadi meal, one that includes Kebabs, Rotis,Curries, Biryani and Desserts.

As anyone who has ordered a diverse spread knows, it is always good to have enough to go around the table, enough to freely share and to have another bite at something that you loved. From inception, we have intentionally maintained large serving sizes.

To ensure consistency in quantity, we also enumerated standard serving sizes for each dish that we meticulously follow. At our Restaurants and Takeaways, whatever dish you order, you can be assured of great taste, high quality and plentiful portions. Go ahead and pass it on – there’s always enough.


Celebrate at Paradise

Festive season is approaching. After Ganesh Chaturthi, Hyderabadis look forward to Dasara and Diwali, the two widely celebrated festivals in the city. A little later come Christmas and the New Year. Beginning in September and through the second week of January, one regularly gets to relax and enjoy the better pleasures of life.

This is also the time that most people have relatives visiting them from various parts of the country and the world. Children studying in other cities come back home to enjoy the festivals with family and friends. Without doubt, the city is at its most vibrant in the next months.

For a true Hyderabadi, no celebration is complete without good food. For each festival, tradition demands a special dish be made and enjoyed at home. During the holidays, innumerable Restaurants across town play host to special get-together parties.

Over the years now, we at Paradise have observed that we figure highly on the list of places to go for that memorable lunch or a nostalgic dinner. Our Restaurants radiate the greatest warmth and happiness in the next four months.

Do visit us this festive season. We are prepared to help you relax, celebrate and rejuvenate with good food, great services and happy times.

The greatest compliment

All of us have a purpose. It is what gives our life meaning, moves us to action and brings us fulfillment. The founders of Paradise had a purpose and it is what drove them to build a small café in 1953 into one of the most admired Restaurants in the country.

As we look back on our history, two things stand out very clearly. A passion to make the best cuisine and a dedication to warm hospitality made our name. These timeless values are expressed succinctly in our tagline: “good food, great service and happy times”.

At its best, our behaviour embodies our first principles. For us, gracious service is as important as delicious cuisine. Today, over 1400 employees are dedicated to helping our guests enjoy memorable experiences at our Restaurants and Takeaways.

In the end, what matters is the overall experience, a meal that you will cherish for a long time. Every time you sit down for a meal, this is our goal. The satisfied smile on the face of our guests is the greatest compliment we strive for – then, now and forever.