Return the surprise

Most of us would have had at least one experience of a guest dropping by unexpectedly. Sometimes it is a pleasant surprise, but in most cases it isn’t. In any case, it is going to cause some anxiety on how to prepare a meal that he will enjoy. We may not know what he likes and there may not be enough time to cook an elaborate meal.

Besides, there’s always the difficulty of striking the balance between cooking and spending time with them. Don’t worry, there’s a way out of this situation. Tell them that you will treat them to the most authentic Hyderabadi cuisine and get something from the nearest Paradise Takeaway. Who will not enjoy a princely meal?

You can choose to order an elaborate course starting with Kebabs, Biryanis and local Desserts. Alternatively, you can also order one of our popular combos that come with Rotis, Curries and Biryanis. They offer you excellent value for money and are packed in a way that keeps them fresh and hot.

The next time a guest surprises you by visiting unannounced, just return the surprise and treat them to mouth-watering Hyderabadi cuisine. Walk in to our Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank, NTR Gardens, Kukatpally and Begumpet. Open 10 AM to 11 PM.


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