Go grab a snack

Even the most voracious eaters agree that they experience hunger attacks between meals. The feeling is all too easy to recognize – a grumbling stomach coupled with a desire to eat something. What do you do when it isn’t time yet for a square meal? Head out and grab a snack. There’s even a word for it – snack attack.

Paradise Bakery on the Ground Floor of our Secunderabad Food Court is the popular go-to place for people looking for a tasty snack. The Bakery offers fresh puffs, pastries and a great variety of cookies. It is here that you can enjoy the famous Khara biscuits or Samosas with delightful Irani Chai.

From 11 AM to 11 PM, the place teems with zesty Hyderabadis munching down delicious snacks lost in some conversation. People can treat themselves to a varied selection of Samosas. If you want to have something cold, you can enjoy fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, Lassis and Faludas. Old-timers swear by our Shahi Faluda.

You can also order fresh cakes, take home crispy cookies and other baked products. Walk into our Bakery at Secunderabad and enjoy the best of baked foods that Hyderabad has to offer. We promise you the same quality and hygiene that you have come to expect of us at our Restaurants and Takeaways.


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