Eat your breakfast like a king

At Paradise, the seats are always in demand for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, it’s another story. Of course, most do not know that we serve breakfast. Those who know, however, swear by the authentic Hyderabadi breakfast we have been serving at the Secunderabad Café and the Main Hall until recently.

We never talked much about it, yet the word spread and we saw an increasing number of guests visiting us for breakfast in the last few months. With guests came compliments – and also feedback. They wanted us to cater to a greater number of people and also to add more options to the menu.

Like always, we are acting quickly on guest feedback. We will be serving delicious Hyderabadi breakfast at the Roof Garden of our Secunderabad Restaurant from 7 AM to 11 AM. We invite you come savour the best Hyderabadi breakfast experience in open air as the city comes to life.

Many restaurants across the city specialising in South Indian cuisine offer a rich breakfast menu. Yet, there are times when we want to try something different and delectable. Our Kheema–Roti breakfast is a flavourful feast and a great way to begin your day. The Mutton Chilli and Aloo Curry are excellent too.

The soft Rotis go well with heavenly curries to provide an experience that you can’t get enough of. After your breakfast, a hot Irani chai is deeply satisfying. Do try these and more at our Secunderabad Restaurant with friends and familes. We look forward to serving you soon.


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