An Ode to the Bangalore Foodie

The transition of Bangalore (or Bengaluru) from a sleepy, pensioner’s paradise to the Silicon Valley of India is well known. Some would say it is the most cosmopolitan city of India. And this shift is clearly reflected in the changing food habits of Bangaloreans.

They say ‘food brings people together’ but the fact is, diversity brings different foods together. Over the past two decades, Bengaluru has become a melting pot of a number of culinary cultures and traditions. The ‘foodie’ of the city is exposed to a wide range of offerings – the humble Idli-Dosa-Sambar, to Bisibele Bath to the North Indian style, Kerala style, Andhra style cuisines to the exotic Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Lebanese fare.

South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai are all very popular in Bengaluru. But the one thing that is common across cuisines is the unmistakable dominance of South Indian spices in them. Even if you order for a Butter Chicken or Veg Kurma the typical taste of the spices from South will give a whole new zing to the North Indian cuisine.


Street Food vendor in Bangalore


Bisibele Bath

The Bengaluru ‘foodie’ is well traveled and their taste buds have experienced the finest flavors and spices. There is a healthy street food culture living harmoniously with a growing range of fine dining restaurants. Being youthful and IT-savvy, social media plays an important role in their discovery of new places. The Foodie visits restaurants, critically reviews the food, the service, the ambiance and the experience and enjoys experimentation and adventurism. Few other cities can match the gourmands of Bengaluru when it comes to their knowledge and expectations.

For us, it was but an obvious choice to bring the same authentic taste of the legendary Paradise to the Garden City. Keeping in mind the reputation of the Bengaluru epicureans & their love for authenticity, the world famous Paradise Biryani is now in Indiranagar, with restaurants planned in Frazer Town and Koramangala soon. And the last few days have been overwhelming. Our love affair with the Bengaluru ‘foodie’ has just begun and we will continue to woo them with love, spice and aroma in the days to come.


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