Biryani – A kaleidoscope of colours

We Indians are passionate about everything that we do, celebrate and eat. The love for our traditions and cultures is reflected in the food that we eat and the festivals we celebrate. The age old relationship between food and festivals in India is well known world over and people are often quite mesmerized by the wide variety of food that marks festivities in India.

Consider the most energetic festival which is full of revelry & excitement- The festival of Holi. The few things that come to your mind when you talk about Holi are colours, balloons, water gun, gujiya, puran poli, gehar & bhang. The clouds of colour in the air, the different patterns of colours on cloths & the delightfully high people singing ‘Rang Barse’ are all part and parcel of this colourful festival. While you must be aware of the famous dishes that are trademark of this festival, there is one dish that defines Holi & its energy – The Biryani.

Collage 2.0

The perfect description of Biryani in Holi’s context is a colourful riot of different ingredients synching together to form a perfect blend of rice, meat, spices & vegetables. The exotic Indian spices, which not only add taste to the Biryani but also shades the rice in it with different colours, is the main ingredient behind Biryani’s colourful texture. The brown color of the roasted meat & gravy complements the yellow & orangey shade of the rice and the different shades of vegetables on the top complete the beautiful medley of colours.

By now you must be thinking about this amazing dish, imagining its taste, wondering about its aroma and admiring its beauty. Well, why imagine when you can actually experience the sumptuous taste of Biryani at Paradise!

Enjoy the colours of Holi and treat yourself to a delicious Biryani at our outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru!


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