Keep yourself cool and hydrated

Well, summer’s here. Mercury has been rising steadily over the last few days and people are coming to terms with increased heat. From now till the end of May, we will have to contend with the fury of the sun. This is also the time when one feels a strong urge to drink something rather than eat something.
Fortunately, at Paradise we have an excellent selection of heavenly drinks that will help you beat the summer heat. Our Lassi and Falooda are very famous throughout Hyderabad. It is in fact a ritual for many guests during summer to beat a path to our Bakery at Secunderabad to enjoy these delectable drinks.

juicesOur Lassi is available in multiple flavours: sweet and salt. Gulping down a Lassi is a fun way to unwind and refresh after a steaming hot day. A lot of old-timers remember with relish the lip-smacking taste of our Shahi Falooda. Served perfectly cold, these drinks will instantly rejuvenate you.

At our Bakery, we also serve fresh fruit juices all through the day for those who prefer to give their bodies an essential dose of nutrients. Guests can also have Lassis and Faloodas at our Restaurants/Takeaways. This summer, drop by our Food Courts to enjoy our finest selection of cold drinks and let us know what you think.


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