Stay cool with Falooda

Summer is here with its interminable heat. This is the time when people everywhere look for yummy options to hydrate themselves. While, there is no dearth of cool drinks in India, each individual has his own preferences. Some prefer the refreshing punch of a fresh lime soda while there are others who cannot resist gulping down a delicious glass of Lassi.lassi

There are also drinks that are filling. A favourite of many, especially during evenings, the Falooda defies easy classification. It is part dessert and part drink with its sizzling combination of milk, rose syrup, basil seeds and Falooda Sev topped off with a scoop of ice-cream. Basil seeds have been known for a long time for their health benefits including their cooling and calming effect.

People across the country love Falooda. At Paradise Bakery and Restaurants, this one is a favourite summer pick among many other drinks we serve. Our Shahi Falooda is popular for its rich creamy and smooth texture.  One cannot think of a better end to a fiery day than enjoying a flavourful glass of Falooda with friends.

We invite you to visit our Bakery in Secunderabad or our Restaurants and enjoy our Shahi Falooda. We also offer an eclectic selection of cool drinks including Lassi and fresh fruit juices. What are you waiting for? Keep the heat away and stay cool with rejuvenating cool drinks made with love at Paradise.


Goodies for foodies

Paradise has always been a people’s favourite. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the generosity of our guests. We try our best to show it by serving the best Hyderabadi cuisine in an environment that radiates warmth and energy. Yet, there are times when we want to do more and with our Triple Dhamaka offer, we wanted to give our guests more reasons to smile.

We are happy that the offer was a huge success. Across locations, thousands of gwordpressuests enjoyed and appreciated it. Many were pleasantly surprised when they were given a portion of vegetarian or non-vegetarian Kebabs for free. The first results of the lucky draw were also announced last week and several lucky winners walked away with iPad minis, smart phones and power banks.

Congratulations to the winners across locations for winning the special prizes in our first lucky draw. The Management gave away the prizes to the winners last week. The guests were thrilled and expressed their love for Paradise and all that it stands for. This special offer will run until May 31, so we request our guests to make the most of it.

The Triple Dhamaka offer helps you get more from your orders at our Takeaways. Order your favourite cuisine worth Rs. 350 and more and we will give you a portion of vegetarian or non-vegetarian kebabs absolutely free. You will also be asked to fill a coupon, which will be entered in a lucky draw. If you are lucky, you can win an iPad mini, a smart phone or a power bank. Visit our Takeaways and get lucky – 3 times over.

Exotic Ingredients in Biryani

What makes a Biryani so special? Is it the delicate quality of the rice, or the vibrant taste of classic Indian spices or the well-cooked juicy & tender meat?

It’s impossible to give credit to one particular ingredient because ‘Biryani’, as we know, is a Kaleidoscope of colours – A mixture of different ingredients coming together to create that magical experience.

A Biryani in its finest form can be cooked only if there is a perfect balance between the ingredients – The rich taste of the rice which is blended in the essence of rose water or Kesar, the Indian spices that add flavor to Biryani & the vegetables and meat with their rich texture need to create a balance amongst themselves to cook a delicious Biryani.



While, selecting the rice, it’s important that you choose the right type of rice. Basmati, Zeera Samba, Golden Sela, Kaima & Kala Bhat are some of the types of rice that are used extensively in Biryanis across India. They bring with them, their distinct taste, aroma & texture to the Biryani.

A Biryani would taste bland if it was not for the flavorsome spices. The aromatic spices that differ from region to region come together to give Biryani the tantalizing taste we experience. Coriander Seeds, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black Pepper, Fennel Seed, Cumin Seed, Chilli, Cardamom Green, Nutmeg and Cloves are some of the well known spices used in a Biryani.



The texture of the vegetables & the meat is also responsible for the delicious taste of Biryani. You need to select fresh vegetables so that the flavor of the vegetable cooks well with the Biryani. Meat such as prawns & fish needs little time to cook while chicken & mutton takes a while to cook well. So before cooking the meat with the Biryani make sure that the meat is well cooked & marinated in the spices.

Now that you know about the exotic ingredients that creates a magical mixture called Biryani, it’s time that you come and taste the Biryani in the royal essence of the Hyderbadi ingredients. So come taste and experience the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani at Paradise, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Enjoy the Triple Dhamaka

Our Takeaways offer the best of all worlds: fast service, excellent choice of food, and great combos that provide value for money. Now, with our Triple Dhamaka offer, the offer gets three times better. There are more reasons than ever to order your favourite cuisine from our Takeaways. From April 1st 2015 to May 31st 2015, we are giving away complimentary Kebabs and lucky draw prizes.New-1

For food orders worth over Rs. 350 and more, we are giving you a portion of vegetarian or non-vegetarian Kebabs for free. Not only that, we will also enter you in a special lucky draw where you stand to win iPad Minis, Smartphones or Power banks. This is our way of showing our gratitude for all your love and trust. We request you all to make the most of this offer.

Our Takeaways offer wonderful dishes for people who would like to enjoy an elaborate meal at home. With choice of curries, Rotis, Kebabs and Biryanis, you can enjoy a complete Hyderabadi meal at affordable prices when you take home our dishes.

With Triple Dhamaka, you get great dishes, free kebabs and attractive prizes. It is an irresistible offer – much like your food. Go ahead and order award-winning Hyderabadi cuisine from our Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank, NTR Gardens, Kukatpally, Begumpet, Kothapet and Indiranagar- Bengaluru.

Another new address in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, and with it the popularity of its cuisine, have been growing by the day. As anyone who has spent all his life in the city knows, the texture of the Hyderabad has changed remarkably in the last two decades. Yet, one thing remained constant – the love for the local cuisine. If anything, with more people making Hyderabad their home, the interest has only increased.

As the finest brand of Restaurants serving Hyderabadi cuisine, we clearly sense the increasing demand to serve more guests at more locations every day. It gives us immense pleasure, therefore, to announce the opening of a new Paradise Food Court in the bustling locality of Kothapet on April 01, 2015. With this outlet, we are better able to serve thousands guests from one of the city’s busiest areas.3O6B0227

With casually elegant interiors, great service and our hallmark cuisine, we believe this new Food Court will win the love of innumerable guests. The interiors are designed to provide a warm and convivial atmosphere for gatherings of friends and families. The Takeaway on the Ground Floor offers more than 75 delightful dishes.
Thanks to your support, we have had a great start to 2015. We have opened two new Restaurants already and we are working on opening Food Courts at more locations. We invite guests from the surrounding areas of Malakpet, Dilsukhnagar and LB Nagar to visit our Kothapet Restaurant and let us know your feedback. We look forward to seeing you there.