Goodies for foodies

Paradise has always been a people’s favourite. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the generosity of our guests. We try our best to show it by serving the best Hyderabadi cuisine in an environment that radiates warmth and energy. Yet, there are times when we want to do more and with our Triple Dhamaka offer, we wanted to give our guests more reasons to smile.

We are happy that the offer was a huge success. Across locations, thousands of gwordpressuests enjoyed and appreciated it. Many were pleasantly surprised when they were given a portion of vegetarian or non-vegetarian Kebabs for free. The first results of the lucky draw were also announced last week and several lucky winners walked away with iPad minis, smart phones and power banks.

Congratulations to the winners across locations for winning the special prizes in our first lucky draw. The Management gave away the prizes to the winners last week. The guests were thrilled and expressed their love for Paradise and all that it stands for. This special offer will run until May 31, so we request our guests to make the most of it.

The Triple Dhamaka offer helps you get more from your orders at our Takeaways. Order your favourite cuisine worth Rs. 350 and more and we will give you a portion of vegetarian or non-vegetarian kebabs absolutely free. You will also be asked to fill a coupon, which will be entered in a lucky draw. If you are lucky, you can win an iPad mini, a smart phone or a power bank. Visit our Takeaways and get lucky – 3 times over.


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