Make IPL 8 come alive

Let’s face it: for Indians, there is no such thing as too much cricket. With the biggest World Cup just concluding, there was some talk about cricket fatigue taking the shine off IPL 8. We can safely assume that nothing of that sort actually transpired, given the frenzy that is taking over cricket lovers from the last few days. The action is getting more exciting with each match.

With just 3 weeks away from the final match, cricket fans would not want to miss the electrifying moments. Wouldn’t it be great to catch the action with friends and family? Even better, it would be wonderful watching the teams battle it out as you dig into a tenderly cooked Kebab or gorge on a flavourful bowl of Biryani. It would indeed be a killer combination.New-7

Here’s the good news: we would continue to run our popular Triple Dhamaka scheme through May. This means you get more when you order your favourite cuisine at Paradise Takeaways. When you order cuisine worth over Rs. 350 and more, you get a portion of vegetarian or non-vegetarian Kebabs free. We will also enter you in a lucky draw and you will stand a chance to win iPad minis, Smartphones and Power banks.

We hope our Triple Dhamaka scheme would make it more attractive than ever to order your favourite cuisine at our Takeaways. As you cheer your favourite teams, double the fun with mouth-watering Hyderabadi cuisine ordered from our Takeaways at Secunderabad, Hitec City, Masab Tank, NTR Gardens, Kukatpally, Begumpet, Kothapet and Indiranagar – Bengaluru.


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