Everyone’s Paradise

Paradise means many things to many people. For some, it is the place of choice to enjoy mouth-watering Biryani with family and for others it is a place where so many special memories are forged over Chai with friends. Some look at it as a place to eat while some see it as a place to meet. Many things have changed over time, but the feeling that Paradise is ours remains strong to this day.

In a way, Paradise is everyone’s Restaurant, a sort of a common cultural property of the city. Young and old, the wealthy and the modest, artists and engineers, the Restaurant occupies a special place in the hearts of people from all walks of life. We are proud of our guests and of the way they “own” this Restaurant. They expect nothing but the best.

Their feedback is immediate and direct, like how we communicate it at home to our mothers or spouses. In those rare instances when we fall short of expectations, we do not have to wait long to hear the sharp comments of our guests. Previously, the verdict used to be delivered over the counter. Today, there are feedback forms, or better yet, the social media.

From our beginnings, the Founders of Paradise believed in welcoming and encouraging honest feedback. The idea was that if our guests helped us grow from almost nothing to whatever we are today, they would definitely lead us to a better tomorrow if we listen to them. We still believe in this principle today, just as we believe that no one owns Paradise, everyone does. It is a true people’s Restaurant.


Chat over Chai

 Ask anyone who has grown up in Hyderabad about his favourite haunt and chances are that it is most likely a Café. These are not to be confused with modern Cafés sporting trendy interiors and serving lattes and sandwiches. Far from it, to all appearances, these are modest places with closely-stacked wooden furniture and energetic waiters briskly plying guests with hot Irani Chai and Samosas.2

But, how these places bustle with energy. The absolutely addictive Irani Chai is a magical concoction that sustains many conversations and debates. Made by mixing tea decoction with boiled and condensed milk, the strong flavour of the Irani Chai instantly refreshes the mind. Best enjoyed with a hot Samosa or a crispy Khara biscuit, the Chai continues to hold its sway on millions to this day.

From around 5:30 AM to 11 PM everyday, these Cafes radiate boundless energy and mirth. They host debates on a wide range of topics including politics, cricket, movies, and of course, gossip. Nor is all activity light-hearted, the legendary M.F. Hussain used to visit these cafes and paint vigorously. A lot of influential political movements have germinated in these places.
Paradise Café on the ground floor of our Secunderabad Food Court has been a popular landmark from its early days. The place attracts thousands everyday who enjoy the timeless Irani Chai to the accompaniment of Osmania or Khara biscuits, Samosas and cream buns. Come visit our Café and experience the inimitable aura of these remarkable places.

Happy times and happier moments

When was the last time you had a great time? Chances are high that good food was an important part of the experience. This is not unusual or new. From ancient times, celebrations without great food at the centre were unthinkable. People prefer to celebrate their successes with a wonderful meal while some turn to it to take the bite off the setbacks that gnaw at us occasionally.

Food promotes bonding and this is proved by how willingly we embrace culinary influences from across the world and share our own. Paradise has long been the go-to place for families and friends to relax over a hearty Hyderabadi meal and connect with each other away from the cares of the world. Our ambience and service aim to create memorable experiences – happy times as we call them.3

Thousands of guests visit our Restaurants every day to enjoy a team lunch, an intimate family dinner, celebrate birthdays, and catch up with friends etc. Whatever the reason, they expect the cuisine to provide a high-note to their experience. To meet these high expectations, we need to be at the top of our game everyday because, for our guests, we are as good as the last meal.

We have always been passionate about what we do and this helps us consistently delight our guests with good food and great service. If you want to celebrate something special in life or bond over delicious food, please visit our Restaurants in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Our staff will do everything to help you enjoy happy times and create happier memories.

Together, we win

Over the years, Paradise established a strong reputation for delicious and high-quality cuisine. The welcoming ambience and gracious service at our Restaurants attracts large groups of friends and families who would like to have a memorable meal. No doubt, the vision of our founders and the hard work of our staff played an important role. Yet, we could not have achieved this alone.

At every step, we had the uncompromising support of our partners. Our vendor selection process is stringent – only the best get to work with us. We look for not just experience or size, but also alignment to our core values of integrity and excellence. We have been lucky in being able to build mutually enriching relationships with several outstanding partners based on shared values and aspirations.

Vendors of technology solutions for order management, interior designers, suppliers of meat and ingredients for our cuisine, companies that make first-rate packaging materials for us – everyone we work with contributes in their own way to the signature Paradise experience we provide across all our Restaurants and Takeaways. Put simply, it is a testament to the power of teamwork.

Our relationship is built on a common goal – the delight of our guests. We learn from each other, drive each other to give our best, and more importantly, grow together. We sincerely thank all our suppliers and partners who helped us spread smiles for over six decades. Together, let us resolve to renew our commitment to each other’s success – and for delicious food.