Together, we win

Over the years, Paradise established a strong reputation for delicious and high-quality cuisine. The welcoming ambience and gracious service at our Restaurants attracts large groups of friends and families who would like to have a memorable meal. No doubt, the vision of our founders and the hard work of our staff played an important role. Yet, we could not have achieved this alone.

At every step, we had the uncompromising support of our partners. Our vendor selection process is stringent – only the best get to work with us. We look for not just experience or size, but also alignment to our core values of integrity and excellence. We have been lucky in being able to build mutually enriching relationships with several outstanding partners based on shared values and aspirations.

Vendors of technology solutions for order management, interior designers, suppliers of meat and ingredients for our cuisine, companies that make first-rate packaging materials for us – everyone we work with contributes in their own way to the signature Paradise experience we provide across all our Restaurants and Takeaways. Put simply, it is a testament to the power of teamwork.

Our relationship is built on a common goal – the delight of our guests. We learn from each other, drive each other to give our best, and more importantly, grow together. We sincerely thank all our suppliers and partners who helped us spread smiles for over six decades. Together, let us resolve to renew our commitment to each other’s success – and for delicious food.


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