Chat over Chai

 Ask anyone who has grown up in Hyderabad about his favourite haunt and chances are that it is most likely a Café. These are not to be confused with modern Cafés sporting trendy interiors and serving lattes and sandwiches. Far from it, to all appearances, these are modest places with closely-stacked wooden furniture and energetic waiters briskly plying guests with hot Irani Chai and Samosas.2

But, how these places bustle with energy. The absolutely addictive Irani Chai is a magical concoction that sustains many conversations and debates. Made by mixing tea decoction with boiled and condensed milk, the strong flavour of the Irani Chai instantly refreshes the mind. Best enjoyed with a hot Samosa or a crispy Khara biscuit, the Chai continues to hold its sway on millions to this day.

From around 5:30 AM to 11 PM everyday, these Cafes radiate boundless energy and mirth. They host debates on a wide range of topics including politics, cricket, movies, and of course, gossip. Nor is all activity light-hearted, the legendary M.F. Hussain used to visit these cafes and paint vigorously. A lot of influential political movements have germinated in these places.
Paradise Café on the ground floor of our Secunderabad Food Court has been a popular landmark from its early days. The place attracts thousands everyday who enjoy the timeless Irani Chai to the accompaniment of Osmania or Khara biscuits, Samosas and cream buns. Come visit our Café and experience the inimitable aura of these remarkable places.


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