New kebab varieties win hearts

Paradise Kebab Festival LogoIn life, we seek variety. In fact, like someone once said, it is the spice of life. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to food. Our taste buds crave new sensations and we satisfy this desire by experiencing new dishes. This probably explains why new dishes are stealing the show at the inaugural Mazedar Kebab Festival organized by Paradise across all its Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

16 Tulsi MurgOne new variety that is winning hearts is the Tulsi Murg Kebab. Barbecued on an open grill, these sizzling drumsticks infused with Basil and Garlic are mouth-wateringly delicious. For lovers of lamb, the Mutton Sooleh Kebab with its delicate balance of spices and refreshing clove overtones will simply melt in your mouth leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Sarson Mahi TikkaThose who love seafood, try our Sarson Mahi Tikka, a superb dish that serves delectable Murrel fish tikka steeped in yellow chilli, kasundi mustard and barbequed to perfection. The Festival Platter brings together a special assortment of non-vegetarian Kebabs. For vegetarians, the Hari Bhari Tikki with its deep-fried paneer, cheese and palak tikki is getting a lot of attention.

9 Hari Bhari TikkiIt pays to be adventurous sometimes. Like many of our guests have found out already, it definitely works at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. Try out the savoury new Kebab varieties before the festival ends and let us know what you think. Your feedback will encourage us to continuously add new varieties and serve you great cuisine.


Opening at Himayat Nagar

3O6B9354There was a time not long ago when one Paradise Food Court could easily meet the demands of food lovers. Now it appears even seven are not sufficient. As Hyderabad grew, so did our reputation as the home of finest Hyderabadi cuisine.  Paradise outlets are often packed to capacity every day of the week and guests have been asking for more outlets closer to where they live and work.

3O6B9392For our newest outlet, we chose a special location – the vibrant Himayat Nagar. One of the most happening areas in the middle of Hyderabad’s central business district, Himayat Nagar boasts of many retail stores, eateries and offices where the buzz of life never ceases. It is one of the most visited localities of the city that attracts people of all age groups for study, work, eating out and shopping.

3Given its popularity, the area strangely does not have many options if you are looking for a satisfying Biryani meal. So, here comes Paradise: our Himayat Nagar Food Court opened its doors on August 24, 2015. Designed keeping the urbane Hyderabadis in mind, the interiors of this Restaurant radiate a dazzlingly modern and majestic aura. The snappy service takes the Paradise experience to the next level.

Of course, the place offers great Hyderabadi cuisine that you have come to expect from Paradise. With its proximity to the residential neighbourhoods of Nallakunta and Basheerbagh, the place is a perfect venue for a quiet family dinner or a birthday lunch with friends. It is located right on the main road and you wont miss the glowing signage. Do visit our new outlet and let us know what you think.

Kebabs get guests gushing

With the city receiving a shower or two during the last week, Hyderabadis are in for some pleasantly cool weather. It’s natural that we all want to enjoy something hot and spicy in such times. Trust your favourite Restaurant to serve you something special to go with the weather or your mood. In fact, it’s raining praises for the Paradise Food Court for doing just that.

Tandoori JhingaIn a happening city that is never short of exciting events and festivals, the Mazedar Kebab Festival has been dominating the airwaves of public opinion. Guests have been gushing over the great variety of Kebabs on offer. Across our Restaurants in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, we have been receiving appreciation for bringing together a delicious spread.

Sarson Mahi TikkaKebabs have always been loved by many cultures across the world. Indians made them their own and gave them a spicy twist, thanks to the ingenuity of Chefs. It is this creativity that we want to salute and showcase. After scouring India’s diverse culinary landscape, our chefs have personally selected 25 varieties that represent excellence in taste and texture.

The proof, however, is in the eating. Before the Mazedar Kebab Festival ends, visit our Restaurants and Takeaways to experience the choicest and delectable Kebabs made with love by our chefs. Do try the several new vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties that we are serving and let us know what you think. Happy times guaranteed!

Mazedar Kebab Festival Launched

Paradise Kebab Festival LogoAs promised in our last post, we launched the Mazedar Kebab Festival on August 15 across all our outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Given that the launch coincided with the Independence Day, we received a fantastic response from our guests on the first day. The festival brings together a diverse selection with 25 different varieties specially picked and artfully made our Chefs.

1 Murg Malai TikkaIn fact, this is a first-of-its-kind festival focused on Kebabs that aims to introduce new varieties to guests and help them explore and experience the rich diversity. We believe Kebabs should enjoy their fair share of renown, given their popularity among varied cultures from ancient times. During the next six weeks, we will listen closely to what our guests have to say about these sizzling delicacies.16 Tulsi Murg

Some Kebabs on our menu are already popular like the Chicken Tikka Kebab and Mutton Seekh Kebab, while guests are beginning to appreciate several new items like Sarson Mahi Tikka and Tulsi Murg. At the moment, the new varieties are stealing the show, as guests prefer to go on a culinary adventure in the Kebab land. We also added new vegetarian varieties.

If you have not visited us yet, please come over and enjoy several scrumptious varieties that melt in your mouth. With 25 best varieties chosen from around the country, we are sure you will have a lot to discover and relish. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us at the Restaurants/Takeaways or on our official social media channels. See you at our Restaurants and Takeaways.

Kebabs in Spotlight

Paradise Kebab Festival LogoFood-wise, the name Hyderabad invokes many images. The irresistible Biryani, the sublime Haleem, and the piping hot Irani Chai. While all these are definitely representative of the city’s astonishing culinary variety, some specialities have almost slipped from the public mind, drowned in the buzz of more popular dishes like the Biryani.

Kebabs CollageThese include such marvels as Paaya, Marag, Pathar-ka-Gosht and Kebabs – especially the Kebabs. Every dish bears the imprint of its travel and it is clearly evident in the case of Kebabs. Originating as a Persian dish in the Middle East, Kebabs grew in popularity and variety, taking inspiration from culinary styles as diverse as the Mediterranean and Indian.

Festival PlatterWhat Hyderabadi Chefs did with them is quite a story. Building on centuries of Mughlai tradition, they innovated boldly by using indigenous South Indian spices. The classics they created that continue to delight people. Hyderabadi Kebabs combine the best of both worlds – the smoky flavour of skewered meat with the zesty blast of Indian spices.

Veg PlatterBeginning August 15,2015  Paradise will shine the spotlight on Kebabs with the Mazedar Kebab Festival across our Restaurants and Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. As many of you know, our Kebabs are as special as our Biryani, made with great passion by Chefs dedicated to their art. This is a great opportunity to enjoy 25 Kebab varieties, that include both timeless classics and several new varieties. Stay posted for more.

Snack and chat

1If you want to have authentic Hyderabadi khana for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you know Paradise is the place to be. However, that’s not all though. What if you want to grab a quick snack or take home crispy cookies? Try Paradise Bakery. Outside of a few long-time guests, many do not know that much about it. So, those who are hearing the name for the first time, read on.

5The Bakery at Secunderabad was one of our earliest establishments. It started, decades back, with the Paradise Café and has been serving some of the most delectable snacks and baked foods ever since. Now present at our Food Courts in Secunderabad, Kukatpally and Begumpet, our Bakeries are popular hangouts for people looking to have a quick snack and a brisk chat.

The Bakery at Secunderabad is not only the oldest, but also the biggest. Guests can choose from a wide range of biscuits and pastries to puffs and samosas. If you have a birthday or anniversary celebration coming up, do not forget to check out our selection of fresh cakes. The crunchy and smooth fruit, almond and cashew biscuits make for perfect evening snacks – kids love them.15

Of course, taking their assured places in the limelight are the authentic Osmania, Khara and Tie biscuits. Best enjoyed with a piping hot Irani Chai, these biscuits allay hunger between meals and refresh you. We also serve fresh fruit juices, lassis, Faludas and cool drinks. Visit our Bakeries to enjoy snacks and drinks that come with the Paradise guarantee of purity and taste.