Kebabs in Spotlight

Paradise Kebab Festival LogoFood-wise, the name Hyderabad invokes many images. The irresistible Biryani, the sublime Haleem, and the piping hot Irani Chai. While all these are definitely representative of the city’s astonishing culinary variety, some specialities have almost slipped from the public mind, drowned in the buzz of more popular dishes like the Biryani.

Kebabs CollageThese include such marvels as Paaya, Marag, Pathar-ka-Gosht and Kebabs – especially the Kebabs. Every dish bears the imprint of its travel and it is clearly evident in the case of Kebabs. Originating as a Persian dish in the Middle East, Kebabs grew in popularity and variety, taking inspiration from culinary styles as diverse as the Mediterranean and Indian.

Festival PlatterWhat Hyderabadi Chefs did with them is quite a story. Building on centuries of Mughlai tradition, they innovated boldly by using indigenous South Indian spices. The classics they created that continue to delight people. Hyderabadi Kebabs combine the best of both worlds – the smoky flavour of skewered meat with the zesty blast of Indian spices.

Veg PlatterBeginning August 15,2015  Paradise will shine the spotlight on Kebabs with the Mazedar Kebab Festival across our Restaurants and Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. As many of you know, our Kebabs are as special as our Biryani, made with great passion by Chefs dedicated to their art. This is a great opportunity to enjoy 25 Kebab varieties, that include both timeless classics and several new varieties. Stay posted for more.


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