Guests keep coming back for more

Festival PlatterIf someone helps himself to another serving, it is a sure bet that he liked the dish. Our mothers know this well and, as makers of the World’s Favourite Biryani, we know this all too well. Thanks to our Mazedar Kebab Festival, something similar is happening across Paradise Food Courts in the last three weeks, as guests can’t have enough of delectable Kebabs.

The Festival took off really well with guests instantly admiring the breath-taking diversity of the spread. In its third week now, we have already seen many guests coming back to take another bite at their new found favourite or try new varieties. For the first time, the Festival brought together 25 scrumptious Kebab varieties representing the best in Indian cuisine.

Thali Hui MachliWhether you are a vegetarian or a seafood lover, we have a great new variety to offer. Some popular dishes are the Veg. Hari Bhari Tikki, Mutton Sooleh Kebab, Tulsi Murg Kebab and Sarson Mahi Tikki. Of course, you can also enjoy our exquisite selection of timeless classics. But right now, surprisingly even for us, the new varieties are the flavour of the moment.

Lovers of Hyderabadi cuisine rejoice, beat a path to our Restaurants/Takeaways, take up your forks, and dig into a delightful Kebab of your choice. You have a world of new cuisine to discover at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. For guests who paid us the great compliment of a repeat visit, we cannot thank you enough for all your love and encouragement – you are the best.


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