Special curries to discover

Chicken_Curry_1Are you not much of a rice eater? Do you want to give the Biryani a skip once in a way? Well, you can still have a memorable meal at Paradise. Ask any long-time Paradise guest if there is anything special on our menu beyond the Biryani or Kebabs.They wouldn’t waste a moment before they rattle off a list of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian curries.

IMG_2526We also serve the softest Rotis and Naans to go with these. Our Pudina Paratha and Masala Kulcha are quite popular too. It is certainly difficult to recommend a few curries from a delectable assortment, but we will give it a shot with the following list:

  1. Kadai Paneer: Lose yourself in this perfect blend of Cottage Cheese, Tomato, Onion, and Capsicum cooked in aromatic gravy.
  2. Malai Kofta: Dig into delicious fried dumplings of Paneer and vegetables simmered in creamy Shahi gravy.
  3. Mutton Rogan Josh: Enjoy every bite of this lip-smacking bone lamb curry flavoured with Fennel and Cardamom.
  4. Paradise Special Chicken: Fall in love with the great aroma and taste of deep-fried Chicken stewed in spicy gravy.
  5. Murg Musallam: Experience the unforgettable flavour of this bone Chicken Curry enriched with minced Lamb and boiled Egg

There are innumerable delights on our menu waiting to be discovered if you look beyond your favourite Biryani at Paradise. So, the next time you visit our Restaurants/Takeaways, do try the wonders of Indian cuisine listed above. We are sure you will walk away happy.


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