Paradise in foodie’s heaven

k4For Bengalureans or any young Indian for that matter, Koramangala does not need an introduction. It has long been one of the best places to live in Bengaluru, and starting from the late 90s, it has become the go-to destination for shopping, hanging out and enjoying great cuisine for the city’s young and hungry. To put it shortly, Koramangala is where the action is.

As the phrase goes, it is a city within a city with nearly 500 Restaurants serving cuisine from across the globe.With the entry of Paradise, the area is about to get one of the most prestigious Indian food brands and we are adding an equally important location to our growing presence. This will be our twelfth outlet and our third in Bengaluru.

k 5To open a new Restaurant in such an exciting location is a task that requires careful planning and diligent execution. We are happy with every minute we spent poring over minute details. The result is a Restaurant that features majestic interiors with splendid design. The service will be world-class as ever and the cuisine will definitely put a smile on your lips.

We invite you to come and enjoy signature Paradise cuisine at our new Koramanagala Food Court. If you want to grab a quick parcel after a long shopping trip, drop by our Takeaway to order from a wide range of dishes ranging from Starters and Kebabs to Biryani and Desserts.There is no better place to have authentic Hyderabadi khaana.


Follow, read, like and comment

We believe what Paradise gives guests will always be less than what guests give us. We are always indebted to them for their everlasting love and invaluable feedback. No matter how much we give, what we get in return for our labours is truly priceless. Right from our humble beginnings, we believed in doing our best and listening to the honest feedback from guests.

Even today, that commitment remains unchanged, but how we listen to feedback broadened in scope. In the early days, it was delivered at the counter, but now most of it comes from social media. This is both the cause and effect of our formidable social media presence across channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and this blog.

We invest a lot of time in listening to conversations on these channels. From time to time, we pick constructive feedback and useful suggestions that we can (or should) implement. This presence also offers us an incredible way to communicate with our guests about new dishes, festivals, recommendations and special offers. We regularly conduct contests to engage guests.

If you want to keep up with action at Paradise in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, please sign on to your favourite social media platform and join the conversation. Follow, read and like stories about the memorable experiences that our guests are enjoying. If you want to join the dialogue, all you have to do is to post or comment. We are listening!

Veg Fiesta takes off

We are at that time of the year again. The air is charged with the excitement of the approaching festive season. In a few days, we will celebrate Dasara, followed by Diwali. People, especially children, living away come home for holidays and everyone is looking forward to happy times. Like it has always been, for most of us having good food is an important part of having a great time.

VEG FEST 4Coinciding with Navratri, we are organizing the Veg Fiesta to celebrate the festive spirit of the moment by showcasing the finest in vegetarian cuisine. Launched at our outlets in Himayatnagar (Hyderabad) and CMH Road (Bengaluru) on October 14th, this Festival offers several new vegetarian Curries, Kebabs and Biryanis made by our Chefs with all the passion that you expect from us.

The response from our guests took us by surprise. We witnessed a rapid surge of guests at these outlets. Many of them appreciated us for organizing a Festival dedicated to serving the best vegetarian cuisine. The Festival introduces several new dishes to our selections of Kebabs, Curries and Biryanis. These will only be available till the end of the Festival on October 23.

Among new Kebabs, you can relish the tantalizing flavour of Zaffrani Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Phool and Subz Aur Moongphalli Seekh Kebab. If you like to have Rotis or Naans, do check out our new Curries that include Paneer Chandini, Mili Juli Subz Bahaar and Baghara Baingan. Our new Paneer Biryani and Zaffran Biryani are refreshingly flavourful and unique. Don’t miss them.

Veg Fiesta – Bonanza for Vegetarians

Britain is the land of many heroic scientists and sportsmen, yet it is James Bond and Sherlock Holmes who dominate popular imagination. Some people and things surely punch above their weight. Similarly, at Paradise, there has always been an excellent selection of vegetarian dishes on offer, yet it is the non-vegetarian dishes that enjoy most of the glory.

VEG FEST 7Of late, the vegetarian dishes are mounting a comeback of sorts. Things are going to get better with the Veg Fiesta Festival starting October 14 to coincide with Navaratri. Organized at our Indiranagar-Bengaluru and Himayatnagar- Hyderabad outlets, the Festival brings together several new vegetarian dishes made with special care by our Chefs for you to celebrate the festive spirit.

As many of you know, Paradise follows the most stringent and comprehensive procedures to prevent cross contamination. Experienced Chefs make vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine separately. This commitment to purity and hygiene has helped us win the trust of our vegetarian guests who have considerable variety to enjoy from Kebabs to Biryanis.

Zafrani Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Phool, Paneer Chandini and Zaffran Biryani, these are some of the finest new dishes on offer at the Veg Fiesta. This Navaratri, visit our Indiranagar (Bengaluru) and Himayatnagar (Hyderabad) outlets to enjoy delicious vegetarian cuisine with an authentic Hyderabadi twist. Veg Fiesta begins on October 14 and ends October 23. See you there!

Kebabs have arrived!

Well, the verdict is in. The Mazedar Kebab Festival was a resounding success. Thousands and thousands of guests enjoyed over 25 varieties of Kebabs and discovered several new favourites among them. In a Restaurant where Biryani dominates everything, this festival allowed us to shift the conversation to other equally marvellous dishes on the menu.

Kebabs CollageNo matter how good our Biryani is, for Paradise to remain attractive to guests, we need to continuously bring variety. This Festival gave our Chefs the opportunity to scour the kitchens of India to uncover several delicious Kebabs and add them to our menu. Our diligent preparation and hard work in conducting this festival truly paid off.

Of course, the success could not have been possible without the endless encouragement of guests. Across Restaurants/Takeaways, they skipped their usual favourites to try out the new dishes. They also gave us generous feedback on which dishes are great and which ones need improvement. On the whole, the new Kebabs won the hearts of our guests.

At Paradise, every dish on our menu gets the same passionate attention from our Chefs that our Biryani gets. A strong emphasis on traditional cooking techniques and usage of premium ingredients set apart our cuisine. Our guests have seen the same quality brought to our Kebabs at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. We thank you all for your continued love and trust.