Kebabs have arrived!

Well, the verdict is in. The Mazedar Kebab Festival was a resounding success. Thousands and thousands of guests enjoyed over 25 varieties of Kebabs and discovered several new favourites among them. In a Restaurant where Biryani dominates everything, this festival allowed us to shift the conversation to other equally marvellous dishes on the menu.

Kebabs CollageNo matter how good our Biryani is, for Paradise to remain attractive to guests, we need to continuously bring variety. This Festival gave our Chefs the opportunity to scour the kitchens of India to uncover several delicious Kebabs and add them to our menu. Our diligent preparation and hard work in conducting this festival truly paid off.

Of course, the success could not have been possible without the endless encouragement of guests. Across Restaurants/Takeaways, they skipped their usual favourites to try out the new dishes. They also gave us generous feedback on which dishes are great and which ones need improvement. On the whole, the new Kebabs won the hearts of our guests.

At Paradise, every dish on our menu gets the same passionate attention from our Chefs that our Biryani gets. A strong emphasis on traditional cooking techniques and usage of premium ingredients set apart our cuisine. Our guests have seen the same quality brought to our Kebabs at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. We thank you all for your continued love and trust.


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