Veg Fiesta – Bonanza for Vegetarians

Britain is the land of many heroic scientists and sportsmen, yet it is James Bond and Sherlock Holmes who dominate popular imagination. Some people and things surely punch above their weight. Similarly, at Paradise, there has always been an excellent selection of vegetarian dishes on offer, yet it is the non-vegetarian dishes that enjoy most of the glory.

VEG FEST 7Of late, the vegetarian dishes are mounting a comeback of sorts. Things are going to get better with the Veg Fiesta Festival starting October 14 to coincide with Navaratri. Organized at our Indiranagar-Bengaluru and Himayatnagar- Hyderabad outlets, the Festival brings together several new vegetarian dishes made with special care by our Chefs for you to celebrate the festive spirit.

As many of you know, Paradise follows the most stringent and comprehensive procedures to prevent cross contamination. Experienced Chefs make vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine separately. This commitment to purity and hygiene has helped us win the trust of our vegetarian guests who have considerable variety to enjoy from Kebabs to Biryanis.

Zafrani Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Phool, Paneer Chandini and Zaffran Biryani, these are some of the finest new dishes on offer at the Veg Fiesta. This Navaratri, visit our Indiranagar (Bengaluru) and Himayatnagar (Hyderabad) outlets to enjoy delicious vegetarian cuisine with an authentic Hyderabadi twist. Veg Fiesta begins on October 14 and ends October 23. See you there!


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